by scrappinhappie 15 Sep 2015

I need help please with my Embird. I just replaced my hard drive. Now I am trying to re-install my Embird. I originally bought the 2010 version. I updated with the paid update in 2013. Now the only version listed on secrets of is the 2015 version and the download will not take my password. The 2015 version is a free update from the 2013 but I can't get it to take the password. Does anyone have any suggestions. I have emailed secrets but still trying everything while waiting a reply.


by scrappinhappie 15 Sep 2015

Thank you for the link. I finally got it all back on and going. It took literally all day fighting with it but I finally won. Thank you everyone for the help.

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rescuer by rescuer 15 Sep 2015

Thank you for letting us know it worked for you. A flower for your garden for all your efforts.

by baydreamer 15 Sep 2015

I just moved my old 2010 version,( never upgraded) to a new computer . I contacted them and they game me a link for the reinstall. Had no problems! Hope that helps.

by rescuer Moderator 15 Sep 2015

Try the link. The site does offer the older versions.

by crafter2243 Moderator 15 Sep 2015

I think I would contact Embird. There is a "contact us" on their website. I would give them your name and registration number and ask for help. T