by stork 10 Sep 2015

Good Grief!!! I came home from putting granddaughters on bus and see a couple of the bigger heifers in with the younger ones.....oh joy!!!! The fence has been broken and it looks like they wiped out 6+ fence posts. Called the hubby and SILs to warn them about tonights project. Needless to say, after running around some I have penned in some in the freestall barn and the rest in the barnyard. I am not going to chase anymore today!


by toogie 12 Sep 2015

I can relate to farm animals. I think my dad had them all....We lived on one of my dads places when my husband first got out of the army. It had 19 acres and I can't remember how many cows my husband tended to. Well, one time when this cow was about to calve, daddy told me when she had her calf, to milk her, she was a gentle old milk cow. Well, I tried to get her up to the barn, and separate her from her calf, and she would charge at me. After a while I gave up even tho I was mad. Later, after I told daddy and my husband they just laughed and when out to get the job done. I watched and got the last laugh. My daddy was probably about 55 then and he jumped the fence flat footed! She put him over the fence so quick, he didn't have time to place his foot on the fence, to help himself over. I laughed and told his wife later, I didn't know he was in that good of shape. His excuse then to me was, as she was an older milk cow, sometimes when its their last calf, they turn mean like that...I just felt smug all over, one of those "I told you so moments!-lol"

by cfidl 12 Sep 2015

Good thinking breaking up those party goers! Lol! You know it only takes one female looking for a good time to make the rest think they can go where ever they want. Lol!

by gerryb 10 Sep 2015

My uncle had a huge White Face Herford bull that was a big pet...however he would only follow my uncle! While my uncle was in the hospital, the bull walked thru the fence to go "visit" the neighbor's cows! After many hrs, my dad got him back home...but a ring was put in that pet's nose as soon as possible! At least you could lead him then!! Sounds like you got more than your share of exercise today!

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stork by stork 11 Sep 2015


by pennifold 10 Sep 2015

This made me giggle, I suppose you can be thankful that it wasn't a bull in with those heifers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good on you for getting them back into their pens. Love Chris

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stork by stork 11 Sep 2015

There are still 2 who belong up at the freestall barn.....

by 02kar Moderator 10 Sep 2015

Ouch! thank goodness you were able to corral them and pen them in a safe place. I think you deserve to rest this evening but know you will be out repairing the fence line.

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stork by stork 11 Sep 2015

Yes...a rest would have been nice but we worked until after 9:30 p.m. and we still aren't done. Thank goodness I have a spotlight!

by jrob Moderator 10 Sep 2015

Well, I guess you got your exercise in for the day!

by crafter2243 Moderator 10 Sep 2015

Ha, ha. I can not relate having been raised in a big city. All I know I would have run as fast as I could away from the heifer.

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stork by stork 11 Sep 2015

LOL! Most of ours are show animals (mainly pets).

by graceandham 10 Sep 2015

Whew! I saw a man from whom I buy daylilies chase down his neighbor's cows who had gotten outside the fence. We all want a neighbor like that. The neighbor arrived home just as he finished the rescue.

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stork by stork 11 Sep 2015

I remember one winter night when the neighbors heifers got out and came to our barn to visit.....Needless to say I was all too happy to send them on their way home.