by Janus48 04 Sep 2015

I just love the Winter Pines designs at SoniaShowalter's. Does anyone know if the free fonts have begun? I will be glad to buy the A and collect the others along with a few coordinating designs, but I'd hate to miss the beginning of the font "give-away." .....thanks


by hightechgrammy 07 Sep 2015

Time is right now! The letter B is up for free. You can purchase the A at any time.

by mooie24 07 Sep 2015

I too think this is a beautiful font, make sure you collect the letter that is currently free as 26 x $5 = $130 would be way to expensive xx

by grossfamilie 06 Sep 2015

Yes, there is the B!

by katydid 05 Sep 2015

Yes, this font is going to be a winner! Can't wait to see the rest!

by decojo 05 Sep 2015

Thank you!

by PatriciaMothersell 05 Sep 2015

Thanks so much.

by flitter 05 Sep 2015

The "B" is now free!

by Janus48 04 Sep 2015

Thanks to all for the info............I have now signed up for the news letter. I didn't want to miss any.
Her designs are just lovely. I'm thinking the Winter Pines will be really great for personalized ornaments for Christmas presents.

by brittanycooper 04 Sep 2015

Don't know.

by 02kar Moderator 04 Sep 2015


by pennyhal2 04 Sep 2015

Just the A so far. It is lovely! Remember that you have to buy the A in order to get the free fonts.

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tilde01 by tilde01 04 Sep 2015

No, you can get the balance of the free font without purchasing the A.

by tilde01 04 Sep 2015

Sign up for her newsletter, then you won't miss any. As of yet, I haven't received my email telling me about it. If you don't want to sign up for any more emails, then put it on your list to check daily.

by lilylady 04 Sep 2015

I haven't gotten my news letter yet.