by pldc ( edited 03 Sep 2015 ) 03 Sep 2015

I ordered some new variegated threads & I am not very happy with them....they stitch out well but they are only 2 colours & they are block style. I am not really sure what name to look for when ordering the next time ( which will be awhile since I bought a box of 70) but I prefer that the colour change is a gradual variation & a more blended look as you can see from my Fall Runner each block looks like I used only 2 colours. Not @ all what I expected but will have to make do as I have them now


by lovetoostitch 04 Sep 2015

These are quite lovely, the effects of the threads and your chosen designs are magical.
(May I say I think you're being too hard on yourself ;-)!)

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pldc by pldc 04 Sep 2015

thank you very much & yes you may lol This is growing on me lol ~hugs~

by sjbrower 04 Sep 2015

They are gorgous to me... They may not be what you expected, but the colors of the thread are beautifully coordinated, and the design that you chose allow for the colors to be showcased. With a different design, it might now have worked well (I've experienced that!), but this one is very pretty.

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pldc by pldc 04 Sep 2015

Ah Sharon you are to kind, thank you very much ~hugs~

by deegee 04 Sep 2015

Personally, I think these results are great. To me, your colours work really well. I understand what you mean & have had similar disappointments but for the designs you have used, I think WOW, lovely result. Try not to be so hard on yourself - I guess you had certain expectations when you started stitching & they were not met (but only to yourself).
As has already been said, it does depend a lot on the design.

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pldc by pldc 04 Sep 2015

thank you so very much, I am beginning to understand more about which designs work well with variegated & which do not. ~hugs~

by babash 04 Sep 2015

A lot depends on the design as to how it comes out depending which direction the stitches go. Also could look totally different on white fabric. I have used it on names with good results. One time I was doing a design of a lamp and used it for the shade and it come out striped which looked good.
What you have done looks good don't be too hard on yourself.

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pldc by pldc 04 Sep 2015

thank you very much, it is growing on me lol ~hugs~

by queenofhearts 03 Sep 2015

I think that individually the motifs are beautiful. I like having just the two colors, and they are well balanced. Not sure that I would have done each corner in a different color. Maybe you would have been happier with the result if all corners were the same but that is just my opinion. We all see things differently. I wouldn't give up on the thread.

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pldc by pldc 04 Sep 2015

I will give it another try, ~hugs~

by Patricia109 03 Sep 2015

Some designs just don't like variegated thread.
I did a butterfly with a Superior brand top stitching thread a few years ago. Absolutely gorgeous. Another lady in the class used an embroidery thread and the colour changes were so far apart that they looked more like she had changed colours for each butterfly and they were big butterflies. 3 just fitted in my 5 x 7 hoop.
I have done the same with crocheting - some designs and some brands of variegated thread don't always turn out how you want them to look.
Keep trying - you will find the right mix one day/design.
I really like the colours of photo No 5.

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pldc by pldc 03 Sep 2015

Patricia thank you so very much, I will keep trying ~hugs~

by sandralane 03 Sep 2015

I too have quite a few variegated threads that came in a pack, and mainly use them for one colour line work or edges and monogramed initials. I think your design looks good in all the tonings you have chosen. Don't despair you will be able to use them in time. Sandra.

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pldc by pldc 04 Sep 2015

Thank you Sandra, maybe better suited for line work. ~hugs~

by designgirl 03 Sep 2015

The design you tried is very nice. Cheer up they really do look great. I love all of them. Hugs Lynn

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pldc by pldc 03 Sep 2015

Lynn thank you so very much, ~hugs~

by topcat5 03 Sep 2015

They're turned out beautifully. Don't despair. I used a variegated thread on one of the Christmas/fir trees in a grove. Didn't know what the thread would do, nor how the direction of the stitch-out would go. I do now. I have a vertically striped green and white tree in the midst of the grove of green trees. It certainly is a stand-out. LOL

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pldc by pldc 03 Sep 2015

lol I guess we are our own worst critic & it probably looks quite nice. thank you so very much, ~hugs~

by sonjapotgieter 03 Sep 2015

Still.... It is Beautiful!!!!Great work done...Love them all

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pldc by pldc 03 Sep 2015

thank you so very much, ~hugs~

by gerryb 03 Sep 2015

I know what you are talking about. I have used Coats & Clark Twist for's a dark brown & beige. It looks mixed up, not in a row, but could have been the way the bear was digitized. The Sulky blendables are very nice. May want to try one spool of each to see how they actually stitch out. But these you've done really are pretty.

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pldc by pldc 03 Sep 2015

Thanks Gerry, I will keep this in my for any future purchases. ~hugs~

by bevintex 03 Sep 2015

You can usually tell if on the spool they are striped. I too like the colors that blend smoothly in another shade. I do like variegated threads for fsl, especially my butterflies but not all turn out as expected. Are these from Metro? I like that last color that you are showing.

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pldc by pldc edited 03 Sep 2015

Embroidex for my Brother machine. Can't really see on my pc but the last one is red & purple. Thanks Bev. ~hugs~

by cfidl 03 Sep 2015

I totally understand and agree, Please let me know what you find.

by brendalea 03 Sep 2015

I would use them up to quilt a quilt. They will blend into the quilt very nicely. I like picture 2 & 5 they look nice.
Thank you for sharing, Happy Stitching :~)

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pldc by pldc 03 Sep 2015

Thanks Brenda out of the 4 I agree those are the nicest colours. ~hugs~

by lbrow 03 Sep 2015

I. Also Like the many hues of variegated thread but these are beautiful and reminind me of Fall/Lillian

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pldc by pldc 03 Sep 2015

Ah thank you Lillian I so appreciate it, it will go on my coffee end table. ~hugs~

by noah 03 Sep 2015

To me it looks like 95% of that kind of thread looks like .I do have some like you tried to explain. All in all it looks great:):)You will get used to it lol hugs

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pldc by pldc 03 Sep 2015

sigh..................I suppose so, ~hugs~

by dragonflyer 03 Sep 2015

I think it looks nice...I, too like more variation in color changes...I do not have very many variegated threads though...the important thing to ask and look for is what the color change is in "length" or inches...if the color changes every 2-3 inches, that's good...if it changes every 12-15 inches...not as good...and also how many colors make up the variegation before it begins to repeat...ask me how I know this...what brand did you use?

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pldc by pldc 03 Sep 2015

I bought the Brother variety pk on line Amazon called Embroidex. Thanks Kim some good information for next time.

by marfa 03 Sep 2015

nice result, Loralye.I also like to play with variegated thread.

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pldc by pldc 03 Sep 2015

thank you ~hugs~

by graceandham 03 Sep 2015

Try monograms and words with this thread and see if you like better!

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pldc by pldc 03 Sep 2015

ok will give that a try to thanks Betsy, ~hugs~

by basketkase 03 Sep 2015

Most of the ones I have are the same way.....that is why I usually only use them for line work.....coats&clark had some that were tweed, and it was like you were stitching with 2 thread...I have 2 cones left but I don't know if they carry it anymore......these look very pretty, Loralye.....

marylja2 by marylja2 03 Sep 2015

I think you might be looking for Sulky's--oh, darn, I can't think what the name of the line is. Look at JoAnn's--maybe even try JoAnn's online.

marylja2 by marylja2 03 Sep 2015

I went online. They are called Blendables. I have some and they are almost too pretty to use!

bevintex by bevintex 03 Sep 2015

there are some called twisted tweed

pldc by pldc 03 Sep 2015

I do have one spool of the twisted in browns greens & burgundy's & very pretty but was almost $10 for the spool. Guess you get what you pay for in this case