by lhart 29 Aug 2015

Thanks for the tutorial pldc I was able to make this doll sleeping bag for my GD's B'Day on Monday. Your instructions were great. My GD love's kittens so I embroidered one on the front. I just used what I had on hand for the fabric. Lucky me it had her favorite colour - purple -on it.


by echolady 02 Sep 2015

I love it

by arlene 01 Sep 2015

This is lovely!

by Marie6 31 Aug 2015

that's beautiful

by lucerba 31 Aug 2015

très joli;
Y faire un petit somme me tenterait bien ! lol ;

by sonjapotgieter 31 Aug 2015

So Pretty!!!!Great work done..Gorgeous

by lidiad 31 Aug 2015

Terrific job, to both of you.
Hugs, Lidia

by aussiequilter 31 Aug 2015

gorgeous.I love the kitten

by baydreamer 30 Aug 2015

Oh how cut this, love the addition of the Kitty!

by sjbrower 30 Aug 2015

How cute! --Sharon

by jrob Moderator 30 Aug 2015

Great job by you and toogie!

by lhart 30 Aug 2015

I used a fleece for the cat so she can pet it. The bag fabric I had already quilted as a trial when I was learning to quilt on my frame.

by elemausi 30 Aug 2015

Looks very comfortable, love the cat.

by tinfriend 30 Aug 2015

I would love to make this 18" doll sleeping bag for my GD's doll - Please can you let me have the link for Toogie's instructions?
Will appreciate it sincerely!

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lhart by lhart 30 Aug 2015

Here is the link I used for the instructions: I believe it to be Toogies original instructions A Huge Thanks You for the directions.

by pennifold 29 Aug 2015

Well done, Toogie's instructions were fabulous. It looks great. Love Chris

by lbrow 29 Aug 2015

Nice job! The kitten is precious/Lillian

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lhart by lhart 30 Aug 2015


by crafter2243 Moderator 29 Aug 2015

That is adorable with the kitty embroidery already making itself comfortable. Love it

by noah 29 Aug 2015

Of course purple is the in color these days right??Lovely sewing hugs

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 29 Aug 2015

Oh, Carolyn...purple is always the "IN" color!!!

lhart by lhart 30 Aug 2015

Thanks, you can never go wrong with the colour purple!

by sandralane 29 Aug 2015

You have done a lovely job with Toogie's pattern. Sandra.

by dragonflyer edited 29 Aug 2015

Very cute...but let's not forget that the tutorial for this darling doll sleeping bag was really from Toogie...and she did an excellent job in writing them...everyone's little sleeping bags turned out so cute! Thank you, Toogie for posting your project and sharing your instructions with some of us!

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lhart by lhart 30 Aug 2015

Thankyou for mentioning that it was Toogie's tutorial. She did a wonderful job.