by sorval 27 Aug 2015

hello cute family

here i am with my new hair lol
hugs sonja


by sorval 29 Aug 2015

thank you all very much
hugs sonja

by anangel 28 Aug 2015

Love the hair and the style, Sonja!! My hair is shorter than this, so you have more hair than I do!! Looks great! Praying for healing and better days for you soon!!
Hugs, Angel

by sorval 28 Aug 2015

thank you all very much
husband have made this photo when i was real tired
but the color was real close to mines
and it look much better than my chemo curls lol
hugs sonja

by lidiad 28 Aug 2015

You look good, Sonja, and your hair seems so natural, it suits you.
My best wishes for a speedy recovery!
Hugs, Lidia

by sandralane 28 Aug 2015

Love your new hairstyle, it suits you. Sandra.

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by sewist1 edited 28 Aug 2015

Looking good.

by cfidl 27 Aug 2015

Looks great Sonja. I pray you are feeling better.

by aleene 27 Aug 2015

Love your new hair

by lbrow 27 Aug 2015

Oh my dear Sonja it looks so nice. Thanks for being a fashion model for us today. Many hugs for you/Lillian

by babash 27 Aug 2015

I thought you were showing off a new hair cut. I thought it was your real hair. Looks so natural wish my hair looked so good.

by haleymax 27 Aug 2015

Cute style. I like it.

by shirley124 27 Aug 2015

I love the style. Very nice. Hugs

by AllRaggedy 27 Aug 2015

Your new hair is so natural looking and what a darling haircut! So becoming to you! I hope you feel better soon! Hugs, Sharon

by oldtimer992005 27 Aug 2015

lovely sonja;

by noah 27 Aug 2015

Love it Sonja hugs

by katydid 27 Aug 2015

Looks great!

by pennifold 27 Aug 2015

That is a very natural looking wig Sonja. I do pray that you will feel better soon. Love and blessings Chris

P.S. Give those little newborn baby dolls a hug from me.

by crafter2243 Moderator 27 Aug 2015

Great hairdo. Sonja the next picture you take please put on a big smile.

by dragonflyer 27 Aug 2015

It looks great...hope you are feeling better...

by theduchess 27 Aug 2015

Sonja, This becomes you. Just smile away !No more bad hair days.

by pldc 27 Aug 2015

Sonja you look wonderful & I love the "new" hair!~hugs & prayers for you~

by graceandham 27 Aug 2015

A good look for you. How are you feeling?

by gerryvb 27 Aug 2015

wow, you look great, the new hair looks so natural , love it !

by airyfairy 27 Aug 2015

Love the new hair you look great.

by grossfamilie 27 Aug 2015

Hi Sonja, lovely to see you again. You look good, love your new hair
and hope for your further recovery. Hugs - Maria

by buanlester 27 Aug 2015

You look good, you can hardly tell its not your hair
. Will be praying for your speedy recovery. God Bless.

by oaro 27 Aug 2015

Looks great

by jrob Moderator 27 Aug 2015

Oh, how cute! SMILE!

by bjban283 27 Aug 2015

Looks great Sonja. Once you get use to it, you will love it.

Due to a fungus I picked up at the beauty shop, I now wear a hairpiece or full wig when I leave the house. This has been going on since January and I am now receptive of the idea of the wig/hairpiece. So much easier than dealing with my fine hair and a ton of spray.

Enjoy the ease of wearing your new hair.

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sewgroupie by sewgroupie 27 Aug 2015

I like it! I'm wearing my hair short right now too. It is even shorter than yours!