by grobin 26 Aug 2015


These are fleece jackets that I embroidered for my (3) grandchildren. I made patches using school designs, and attached them to the jackets with Fuse-n-Bond Applique & Patch backing. I didn't embroider directly on the jackets because I was afraid I wouldn't get the designs placed evenly. I worked so hard with placing, measuring , taping, repositioning and repeating that drill to get it right, and after pressing the patches on they were not even. Cut the edges as close as I could. I am very disappointed. But here they are. What do you guys use for even placement of designs?


by decojo 28 Aug 2015

Great job! They all look terrific! Joyce

by grobin 27 Aug 2015

Thanks to everyone for your comments and encourageing words. I admit I am more critical on myself than I need to be. My oldest daughter always tell me the same thing.

by sonjapotgieter 27 Aug 2015

Terrific work done..Stunning designs...Gorgeous

by noah 27 Aug 2015

love it excellent sewing job hugs

by pennyhal2 27 Aug 2015

I've learned to live with my inability to get things exactly where I want them. Fabric moves, stretches, and has bias. Some people do a really good job of it and give great info, but I must be a clutz.

by pldc 27 Aug 2015

very nicely done, as for me when I do tee's I use the sleeve measurement (from top of armpit to bottom of armpit) & divide by 2 then to get the center of where I want the middle of my design to be I measure from the center of that to the zipper & divide by 2. I hope that this makes sense to you. ~hugs~

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grobin by grobin 27 Aug 2015

Thanks and thank you for the information. I will try it.

by karenalice 27 Aug 2015

They are great and the kids are sure to love them.

by jrob Moderator 27 Aug 2015

They truly look fine. Your designs are adorable.
This tip was given to me by the lady who taught classes on my machine when I first purchased it. Use a 6"x24" ruler and lay it across the garment touching the place where the sleeve attaches to the jacket at the bottom (underneath the arm) from side to side. 6x24 works from newborn up to XXL. Take 1/2 of measurement to get the center. Use another ruler (mine is 6x6) and place the bottom edge of it butted up to the 1/2 measurement. (Say the 1/2 measurement you got was 11" then the 0" on the 6x6 ruler would lie along the 5 1/2" mark which is 1/2 of 11") Then depending on the size of the garment somewhere around 2-6" will center the design on one side. Measure down from the shoulder seam according to the size of the garment. On a child's jacket it's probably around 3- 4 1/2"? When you place the second ruler, if it doesn't run straight with any zipper or placket that is on the front of the shirt, move it so that it does. The eye will follow the zipper or placket and look for straightness. Put a target sticker right where you want the center of the design to fall. If your program allows, you can pin a printed version of the design and use that. I use round mailing stickers with crossed X on them that I draw.
I hope some of this makes sense.

by sjbrower 27 Aug 2015

I think they look great, and I'm sure that your grands will love them. No need to be perfect with this sort of thing... once the kids get them on, they will be in constant motion! --Sharon

by Trayne 27 Aug 2015

Ok, this is what I want to do ... where do you get the Fuse-n-Bond Applique & Patch backing. I've tried several things, they sort of worked.. but this looks good you did a great job...
How come I've not heard of this backing... Anybody want to do a tutorial on this so we can all learn..
Thanks for posting

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 27 Aug 2015

Joann's usually carries it.

grobin by grobin 27 Aug 2015

Trayne didn't have a comment box so I am answering her question here. I purchased the Fuse n Bond Applique & Patch backing from Allstitch Embroidery Supplies,(size 11and 3/4"X 5 yds) however, Floriani Embroidery Sewing and quilting Products is the company that makes it. If you go to their site you can read all of the information. I don't know how to attach a website for you. I really like the product and It really does adhere securely without having to sew it. I have problems sewing the appliques on so I was very happy to find this product.

by graceandham edited 27 Aug 2015

These are so attractive. My grandmother always said, "You'll never see it on a trotting horse."

by designgirl 27 Aug 2015

Your grands will love them. You did a beautiful job on the designs and the placement. I love them, Hugs Lynn

by lbrow 27 Aug 2015

Works for me!. I think they look great. Me thinks you are to critical of yourself/Lillian

by deegee 27 Aug 2015

As has already been said, they all look good. I think you have done a great job & can't imagine you will have any complaints from the grands.

by carolpountney 27 Aug 2015

Nice work cant see any mistakes

by sandralane 27 Aug 2015

To me they are great, well done, Sandra.

by lidiad 27 Aug 2015

Your grandchildren will be thrilled to wear their jackets!
Hugs, Lidia

by crafter2243 Moderator 27 Aug 2015

I think you did a great job in placing. I have no answers since so far I had no need to do that.I am so sure the grands will love them.

by marianamin2003 27 Aug 2015

Great job on the applique and placement on the jackets!