by sorval 26 Aug 2015

hello cute family

tomorrow we go to the hair cutter in the hospital
they will shaving all my hair off because it fall out again
but i will not walk with no hair
my new hair have the same color as mines
and it cost me nothing because we have a very good insurance
hugs sonja


by sorval 27 Aug 2015

thank you all very much
hugs sonja

by juanitadenney 27 Aug 2015

It is wonderful to have such great insurance. Sending prayers your way that you get healthy real soon. Hugs Juanita

by pennifold 26 Aug 2015

Hi Sonja, I do pray that your new hair is everything you hope for. You eat as much ice cream a you want to my dear - and prayers are continuing for a good outcome. Bald is beautiful, don't forget! Love Chris

by airyfairy 26 Aug 2015

Dear Sonja - I am sure you will look beautiful with your new hair. Hugs Sarah

by anangel 26 Aug 2015

Hang in there, Sonja! Happy you are getting the new hair, and hope it makes you feel sassy and sexy!! I am so proud of you! Keep a positive attitude, though I know it is difficult! Praying for healing and good days for you!!
Hugs, Angel

by pldc 26 Aug 2015

Sonja that is wonderful that your insurance will cover the new hair for you. If having the wig makes you feel better then GO FOR IT! I hated being bald &wearing a scarf hurt my head too. I am thankful that my hair has come back longer then I have ever had before but it is still very fine & Hubs loves it. Have more ice cream too how about black cherry or chocolate? In my prayers dear lady!~hugs Loralye~

by lbrow 26 Aug 2015

Oh wonderful you will have replacement in your own color Sonja, but I'm seeing every color of the rainbow in hair these days even purple, so no matter what the color you would be in style. Bet you would look good in pink./Lillian

by sorval 26 Aug 2015

thank you all very much
hugs sonja

by gerryvb 26 Aug 2015

Great the insurance will take care for the new hair.with this new hair, you probably don't have a bad hairday. hugs/prayers for you )))

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sorval by sorval 26 Aug 2015

i try to make only good day"s
but i cant
i rest real a lott because with this pain in the back it feel better to lay in bed
but today i have only done a very short rest
the wheelchair taxi was just 12.5 waiting for me and my husband
after that we where to venlo in the normal bus for eating outdoors lol
i have not eat much but my real big bowl strawberry icecream i have eat that alone up lol

by cfidl 26 Aug 2015

Prayer for you.

by pacmp 26 Aug 2015

Glad your insurance will cover the cost of a wig for you but having had my hair shaved now, 4 times -from the crown down and from ear to ear- just leaving the front top and a small amount on each side. I say do whatever you need to do, in order to keep your spirits up and be comfortable. If that means days of no hair or even no scarf, then just do whatever it is that you need to do. For myself the scarves were uncomfortable against my sutures, then at other times were just too hot. We each seem to have our own set of challenges that we face at different times in our lives and doing anything that would make a challenging time in your life, any harder is not necessary. Cuties will be here to cheer and encourage you every step you are going through and praying mightily for a positive outcome. Hugs, Pam

sorval by sorval 26 Aug 2015

last year when my hair was gone i wear all the time a hat
because i dont like the scarf
last year i was thinking also well its only 1 time that i losing my hair
this time i think well you never know next year
so i have ask how much new hair cost and lucky me my insurance pay it and not me lol
so the choice was easy for me new hair and my new cap lol
we dont give up right

pacmp by pacmp 27 Aug 2015

Yes that was an easy choice since the insurance picked up the bill and you are so right that we never give up, and just keep fighting with all we have in us. Love the new picture. Hugs, Pam

by jrob Moderator 26 Aug 2015

Have fun with that new hair.

by graceandham 26 Aug 2015

Sure you don't want to try a new color? (Blonde, by the way, is over-rated.) If the wig hurts your head Google tying a head scarf! Love you, dear. Everything is a baby step toward being done with the cancer.

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sorval by sorval 26 Aug 2015

my new hair is the same color as mines
i think it look very weird when i try a other color haha

by ssampsel 26 Aug 2015


by noah 26 Aug 2015

Well my ole friend i just got mine cut to my shoulders!!!Thinking of you when i do my fsl hugs Carolyn xx

graceandham by graceandham 26 Aug 2015

Am I the last one with really long hair?

noah by noah 26 Aug 2015

yep ????lol

sorval by sorval 26 Aug 2015

mines was real long last year and i was real sad to cut it
my new hair will be short lol

pldc by pldc 26 Aug 2015

no mine grew back finally & it is longer then I have ever had in my life & hubs loves I wear a hat all the time outside no matter what time of year because it always hurts in the cold or the heat so we adjust right

by heleninca 26 Aug 2015

Good luck and think of it as freedom. No messing with hair styles for awhile. But it will come back.

by crafter2243 Moderator 26 Aug 2015

I am so sorry, that you are loosing your hair. At least it will not cost you anything and you can pick a style you like. After chemo your hair will again grow back and so much stronger. Hang in there Sonja.