by camylow 25 Aug 2015

ASKING FOR PRAYERS FOR THE US WESTERN STATES....WASHINGTON, OREGON, AND CALIFORNIA...WE ARE ON FIRE HERE...over 100 fires is so dry no water...they say that California has no water and is bad...Oregon and Washington is a tinder box...Washington has lost over 500,000 acres just from one fire...Oregon Has lost so many also. lightening strikes and human errors are causes..still no rain..The air here in my area was horrible to breathe from the fires so many miles away...its a little better today. Homes lost, people and animals have perished...the picture below is by Chelan Washington.......

Thank you Canada, Australia, Arkansas, Alaska and the many others that are here helping us control and contain them...National Gaurd is suppose to be sent over also.....


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by muffy edited 26 Aug 2015

I'm in Washington (Whidbey Island) thank heavens we've only had a few small fires that only damages a few trees, brush and pastures. Our air is even bad here from the fires in the Eastern part of the state....can't imagine how awful it is for the people in the burn zones :( We're supposed to get some rain this weekend....I just worry that if we get heavy rains then there will be flooding...these people don't need this on top the everything else. They are even asking help from New Zealand. It's now over 900,000 acres.

by sdrise 26 Aug 2015

Prayers are with you all!! It is a horrible situation! Suzanne

by pennifold 26 Aug 2015

Dear Deanna, I wish we could send over some of the torrential rain we have here on the south coast of New South Wales. People have been asked to relocate as the flood waters are flooding their homes. I've just seen the 6.00pm news and there are Kangaroos hopping through the main street trying to find higher ground. Now that's something you don't see all the time. May all the firefighters be protected as they fight your horrendous fires. I also pray that you will receive rain soon. Love Chris

by oldtimer992005 25 Aug 2015

My prayers and God be with you all. it makes me want to cry for you all. i love oregon and washington and have always wanted to live there even tho' i live in canada. did alot of driving through there and always felt like i belong there.i am praying for rain for you and praying that god will stop these fires. god bless you all.

by sebsews 25 Aug 2015

I agree sending many thanks and praying for safety for all. Suzanna

by manami 25 Aug 2015

So sad... My prayers are for all of you in the USA.

by dilceia 25 Aug 2015

God will have mercy!

by dilceia 25 Aug 2015

Passing here to make you a big hug. And the beautiful quilts were you doing? He stopped? I dreamed of having one.
I'll be praying to God !!
Kisses darling!

by dragonflyer 25 Aug 2015

I so know this...I live in Southern California and we are dryer than dry...the past 4 years we have been in a severe drought...we have been continually asked to decrease our water usage...and are down to the bare minimums...the fires are so unpredictable and s.pread so very quickly. We could all use some prayers for rain as well as the safety of our fire fighters...

by pldc 25 Aug 2015

such a tragedy & praying for all concerned.........we have family there so we have known about the water restrictions for quite some time. I continue to pray for the strength needed to endure this

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dilceia by dilceia 25 Aug 2015

God will have mercy!

by AuntAnnie 25 Aug 2015

Idaho and Montana, also!!!

by jrob Moderator 25 Aug 2015

My prayers are with all of you. What a horrific thing that happens when we go without rain. Blessings on all of the firefighters, truly heros.

by gerryvb 25 Aug 2015

praying for rain....

by lbrow 25 Aug 2015

Have already been praying about this Deàñna.It was requested at church Sunday morning and night.Will continue to do so as long as anyone is in harms way/Lillian

by joansatx 25 Aug 2015


by camylow 25 Aug 2015

Chehalen , Washington image...2nd one is our firefighters and how tired they are. They sit down and they are falling asleep...Please pray for them also....

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dilceia by dilceia 25 Aug 2015

God will have mercy!

by cfidl 25 Aug 2015

Prayers for the entire western states. It is horrible what is going on and I pray the geoengineering is not the cause.

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camylow by camylow 25 Aug 2015

Thank you...A prayer circle is what we need. there are signs going up asking for people to pray for rain.