by bikermomfl 15 Aug 2015

Cuties I've got a question for you. I've been sewing up a storm on my Husqvarna Designer 1 (which I love) all of a sudden the bobbin is rattling around. Any idea why? I've changed the bobbin, used prewound, used standard all to no avail. Cleaned out the little bobbin housing. Any ideas?


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by pennifold edited 16 Aug 2015

Hi Karen, I guess if you've done all the normal things to try and correct it, I'd be taking it to the mechanics too. I know it's hard having to be without it for 2 weeks, but that seems to be the norm these days. Love Chris

P.S. Because mine is used so much I have it serviced twice a year.

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by sewist1 edited 17 Aug 2015

Agree with Graceandham. Try a drop of oil in the hole at the bottom of the bobbin case. This has helped with my D1 in the past.

by vickiannette 15 Aug 2015

had the problem myself recently. The whole bobbin basket was rattling. Had a replacement installed and the technician got a piece of thread from way back in the machine. He thought he would need to replace the gear which drives it but luckily for my pocket he decided it was okay. Still got a bill for $285. Working fine now.

by cfidl 15 Aug 2015

Good to see you. Didn't you have a birthday last month? What's new in your life?

by graceandham 15 Aug 2015

Has your dealer or service person shown you how to oil the machine?` (Don't have a Husqvarna.) Also, try re-threading the top thread. Top tension is bottom tension and the reverse.

pennifold by pennifold 16 Aug 2015

Yo don't oil HUSQVARNAS! I've had them for years and have never had to use oil. Love Chris

sewist1 by sewist1 17 Aug 2015

Our dealer tech did recommend putting a little drop of oil in the hole in the bobbin case. That isn't oiling the machine. If you have yours serviced twice a year then they would do it then.

by mops Moderator 15 Aug 2015

Actually, no. If you use the standard one you can't accidentally put it upside-down or it won't fit, the bobbin case will only fit the right way, you won't have forgotten the light grey piece that goes on top of it and I bet you checked if it has stayed in the tension bit.

mops by mops 15 Aug 2015

And while I checked that on my machine I cleaned the bobbin area which was not a luxury as I had been stitching felt.

bikermomfl by bikermomfl 15 Aug 2015

nope didn't forget the grey piece - at least not this time! (giggle) I've cleaned and wiped up to no avail. Guess it's the repair shop for me, such a shame they keep the machine a minimum of 2 weeks. Withdrawal is not a fun thing..........