by gitteh 11 Aug 2015

Present for my aunts 70 years birthday. She has polished tables and like a glass of wine :) Hope she likes them and doesn't find them to silly...

The design is from SmartNeedle


by arlene 12 Aug 2015


by peafarm 12 Aug 2015

She will love these--adorable.

by cfidl 12 Aug 2015

Adorable! But isn't the rule- don't put your shoes on the table? Lol!

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gitteh by gitteh 13 Aug 2015

Noooo - Just "don't put NEW shoes on the table" ;) And as you see - these are not new - they are 'used'... (or at least tried out)

by sonjapotgieter 12 Aug 2015

They so Awesome...She`ll Love them...I do!!!!Well done ..Stunning!!!

by pennyhal2 12 Aug 2015

Darling selection of shoes! She'll surely laugh at them!

by sjbrower 12 Aug 2015

These are so cute! Your aunt will love them!

by lidiad 12 Aug 2015

Your aunt will love them, I do!
Hugs, Lidia

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gitteh by gitteh 12 Aug 2015

Thank you sew much
Hugs, Gitte

by NancyBT10 12 Aug 2015

I like them! One is never too old for a little "silly" in their life! I bet that your aunt is going to love them and quite possibly these coasters will be her favorite gift of all.

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gitteh by gitteh 12 Aug 2015

What a goal ;) I'll be happy if she just like them. Thanks!

by katydid 11 Aug 2015

Love them!! I think they are from Smart Needle, right? Kay

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gitteh by gitteh 12 Aug 2015

Exactly :) They have so many funny designs! Gitte

by noah 11 Aug 2015

cute for sure hugs

by gougousse 11 Aug 2015

They are so pretty; how not to love them?

by highlandermom 11 Aug 2015

Got a feeling she will adore these. They are very cute.

by designgirl 11 Aug 2015

I'm sure she will love them. They are so cute.

by pennifold edited 11 Aug 2015

They will certainly be a talking point! Well done, love Chris

by Ossineu 11 Aug 2015

Ich finde sie ganz toll. So etwas hat doch nicht jeder und darum ein ganz großes Lob für Dich. Ich denke die Untersetzer werden Deiner Tante und ihren Gästen sehr gefallen.
Viele Grüße

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gitteh by gitteh 12 Aug 2015

I'm not good at writing German so I'll stick to English :) Thank you! I guess you are right about not everybody has them or something like them :D
Hugs, Gitte

by dragonflyer 11 Aug 2015

Very cute...I am sure she will love them

by tlp22 11 Aug 2015

Cute. Love them.

by evilsoft 11 Aug 2015

I missed those at SmartNeedle. They are G-R-E-A-T as our Tiger friend on the T-shirt says. She should enjoy them. Even at 70 we enjoy a chuckle.

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gitteh by gitteh 12 Aug 2015

Thank you!

by 02kar Moderator 11 Aug 2015

I am very sure she is going to love these. Well done

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gitteh by gitteh 11 Aug 2015

Thank you :)

by lbrow 11 Aug 2015

I bet she'll love them./Lillian

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gitteh by gitteh 11 Aug 2015

Thanks Lillian, I really hope so.
Hugs, Gitte

by chenille 11 Aug 2015

These are adorable!! I love them. Well done!
Hugs, Nadyne

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gitteh by gitteh 11 Aug 2015

Thank you Nadyne
Hugs, Gitte