by mechille 11 Aug 2015

Hello Cuties... I have a question and hope some of y'all can help me with it. I am making some towels for my good friend (who is also my cuz.), they are for her kitchen and will have cows on them. I would like to come up with some cute saying to go on them that deals with her being such a good friend. Does anyone have an idea I could use, I just can't think today what to put on them and I've got to finish them and get them in the mail to her so they will get there by her Birthday. I will say thanks in advance for any thoughts anyone might have. I know someone from Cute would surely know something.. hehe

Thanks to everyone and have a wonderful day.


by Janus48 12 Aug 2015

I did one ages ago....with a BLUE cow. "Someone like you only comes along once in a blue moo !!!!" Silly but still one of my favorites.

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mechille by mechille 12 Aug 2015

That's cute..... Didn't think of that..... Thanks for the help.

by graceandham 11 Aug 2015

FRIENDS - till the cows come home - and then some. (Dashes indicate the three lines of the saying.)

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cfidl by cfidl 11 Aug 2015

Lol! love it!

by JeanW 11 Aug 2015

How about
The Only reason
I have a
is because it came
with the

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mechille by mechille 11 Aug 2015

hahaha.... that's cute. That would be great for my Mom... she hates to cook. hehe Thanks for your help.

by ctirish 11 Aug 2015

You could put something with ' until the cows come home". I don't remember if there was something before it.
The other thought that came to mind was cows lying down when it's going to rain. for example, stitched cow with the saying - 'Best weatherman this side of Idaho' or the cow with a talking bubble that says, rain rain go away

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mechille by mechille 11 Aug 2015

Thanks. oh.... I don't have a talking bubble design.... :( but it would be cute to use one in there.

by jrob Moderator 11 Aug 2015

Well, Chic-fil-A says, "Eat more chicken"
Ignore my MOOd swings

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mechille by mechille 11 Aug 2015

hehe. Cute. I might just use one of them. Thanks for your help.

by crafter2243 Moderator 11 Aug 2015

I am drawing a blank. Did you try googling "cow sayings"? That might give you some ideas

mechille by mechille 11 Aug 2015

No, didn't thinnk about that. I also drew a blank today.
Thanks for the help.

mechille by mechille 11 Aug 2015

I found some cute sayings when I searched for cow sayings..... Thanks, I'm sure I would have never thought about doing that....... at least not in enough time. I would post my pic when I'm done, but the designs didn't come from cute.... so I'm not for sure if this site is one I can post from or not.... but anyways... thanks for the idea.
There is always wonderful people on Cute, I can always count on help when needed.

jrob by jrob 11 Aug 2015

You certainly may post your design when finished. We like to see Cute Designs posted, but it certainly is not a requirement.

mechille by mechille 12 Aug 2015

Thanks, I was just afraid that since it wasn't a design from here... it might not be allowed.... I will post it and if it's not right... I'm sure they will take it down... Thanks to everyone.