by petdenhan 10 Aug 2015

Hi cuties I have embird software and it has been working fine and I have just brought a new font and it dosent type out as it should when I type ABCDEF ....IT TYPEs AaBbCcDd.....and when typing lower case ABCDEF.....etc it starts with QKkLl.....not sure what's happening ...has anybody experienced this before....


by petdenhan 10 Sep 2015

sorry about delay in getting back to you all ...yes got hold of embird and they were very helpful but it still didn't work ....eventually I managed to work it out was placing AaBbCc ...etc so renamed each letter so now does ABCD ....abcd and it works ...yay

by pennyhal2 03 Sep 2015

Is this an Embird font you bought?

Yahoo has a couple of Embird Groups that are really helpful. You mignt want to check them out.

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petdenhan by petdenhan 10 Sep 2015

no it was a font I brought from 5 stars and its just the way the letters are numbered ....all sorted now

by nutshell 18 Aug 2015

Did you hear back from Embird about this problem?

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petdenhan by petdenhan 10 Sep 2015

yes they were really quick as well ....xx

by mops Moderator 11 Aug 2015

Are you using it in Studio or in Basic. In Basic mapping would help, in Studio I would not know what to do.

by spendlove Moderator 10 Aug 2015

Sorry I can't help as I don't use the fonts. I suggest you email their customer services - they usually respond very quickly.

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petdenhan by petdenhan 11 Aug 2015

Thanks will do .....xx