by mumzyfarm 08 Aug 2015

What is going on with daily embroidery? When I tried to down their daily freebie and went thru the long waits the design still doesn't download. Thanks Dean


by teddybear117 08 Aug 2015

It is very slow to download. You have to click on the design pattern and then it goes to the next screen where it sometimes takes 30-45 seconds to download. You have to be super patient. The only reason I know is I have the Chrome browser and added the extension 'download plus' onto it and it shows a 'flying' blue arrow when the download start. I am sure other browsers have something similar for you to monitor a download.

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teddybear117 by teddybear117 09 Aug 2015

Yeow! I see what you mean...yesterday it wasn't this took a full 2 minutes before it downloaded today.