by rsehorse 06 Aug 2015

Never realized until today ... There are not a lot of embroidery designs for little boys. I have been looking for a simple redwork design I could embroider on a t-shirt for my 5 year old GS. I embroidered a designs on t-shirts for his sisters so now I need to find a design for him too. Any suggestions Cuties?


by dragonflyer 07 Aug 2015

There is a free redwork set (10 designs) of Boys fishing at will have to log in or sign up for newsletter to access Freebies...but this set is on Page 4...lots of other Boy redwork sets for sale, too.

by cj2sew 07 Aug 2015

Bunnycup Embroidery. Type into the Search area "Just for boys redwork"
There are 2 sets Sporty Boys. Click on one and you will see 12 designs in each set. On sale for less than a dollar per design.
Remember 5yr olds love animals, dinosaurs, bugs, robots, and all kinds of sports.

by lbrow 07 Aug 2015

I run into this now with the 7 yr old Great G/ son. He is past the age for anything cartoony of animals , animals and such, he informs me he is not a baby anymore, but the 4 yr old sis tells me the same thing. He plays ball and has for 2 yrs now so anything I can find suitable for ball playing I can please him with and he loves to swim so that's another area I can please him with. He loves and has 2 dogs so that pleases him if it looks like one of his dogs. He is very opinionated about his initials, always wants all 3 and in a row, doesn't like the last initial in middle. LOL The little ballerina I can please as long as it is not babyish.

by Patricia109 06 Aug 2015

You have to 'look' harder to spot what is suitable for a boy. Sometimes it is just a matter of changing a colour or three.
There is a bigger market for girlee things. I do not know why as 50% of the population is male.
Brother has a Penny Farthing bicycle that is one colour and I am sure that I have seen it (or similar) by other companies too.

by jrob Moderator 06 Aug 2015

Football, cars, airplanes, helicopters,motorcycles,animals. I've been doing boys designs the longest (grandson is 15) There are thousands, maybe not redwork, but boy designs. My favorite are appliques.

by graceandham 06 Aug 2015

Designs by Sick has all those great old muscle cars and motorcycles.

by joansatx 06 Aug 2015

DBS has fun All Terrain Trucks.

by sewemb 06 Aug 2015

Jazzy Zebra has quite a few RW/CW designs for boys

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rsehorse by rsehorse 06 Aug 2015

Thanks for the heads up. I have never heard of this site before. lots of nice designs. hugs, Susan

by ksgram1 06 Aug 2015

Adorable Applique has cars, and animals that would work well for a little boy. SICK has Koala Bears, and motorcycles. How about his first name initial using the Robot Font on Cute! Dogs, horses and trains might also be an idea. Hope this helps.

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ksgram1 by ksgram1 edited 06 Aug 2015

Adorable Applique has a free dog design today, and Sew Sweetly has a free helicopter!

by pldc 06 Aug 2015

I will try to give this some thought Susan as I have not had this before. DBS has some rodeo redwork I think they do

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maymason1 by maymason1 07 Aug 2015

I keep asking for Men, Boy, Teen , occupation designs. nothing yet///mm