by grobin 03 Aug 2015



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by grobin 1h 52m ago


I've seen all the cute key fobs, What are the directions for making them? I am somewhat confused. Are the threads showing on the back of the fob? Is the design duplicated and folded over?
Thanks for information.


by grobin 04 Aug 2015

Thanks for all the information.
What type of vinyl is used for the fobs Can you make them/ or use with his new fabric oly fun

Thanks in advance

bevintex by bevintex 04 Aug 2015

you can use marine vinyl,pleather-fake leather or any type of non fraying fabric, it just needs to have some weight to it, I used the oly fun over a piece of vinyl and it worked well. Try different fabric,not all work ,you may have to do some experimenting to find what works for you

mops by mops 04 Aug 2015

I just started doing some and used fake upholstery suede - brand name alcantara - and it worked just fine. Felt might be worth trying as well.

by jrob Moderator 03 Aug 2015

Thanks for moving your question and also for letting me know you saw my answer. I hope these Cuties have answered your question to your satisfaction. If not, just ask for more. Cuties are the best and always willing to help.

by bevintex 03 Aug 2015

search youtube for machine embroidery key fob video, the design is only on one side,you add a piece of vinyl on the back and the last stitch line just goes completely around the fob, if you use the same color thread as your vinyl it is hardly noticeable. There are some designs that are double sided but they sew out as 1 piece then are folded together and glued.

by crafter2243 Moderator 03 Aug 2015

There could be different ways of producing them. Instructions usually are with the purchase of the design. I personally have not made any but I would imagine that there more then one method.