by chenille 25 Jul 2015

I have tried to upload pics of my coasters/ mug mats several times and I must be doing something wrong. It took forever to figure out a new camera...I am sooo not techie! I put pictures from the disc into a folder, then I clicked on a picture, opened it and then hit the upload button. The little circle went around forever and nothing was happening...I hit submit and got the error message.... so what did I do wrong? Does it take several minutes to upload one picture? I really don't want to send all my pics here!! HaHa.

Thanks, Nadyne


by toogie 25 Jul 2015

Nadyne, this happened to me the other day and I do use Chrome. I don't know what it was, but I know I must have gotten a few more gray hair, while I was waiting and watching my little circle-lol- The next day, all was fine, so I can't explain what happened. I just know all that day for me, I was just like you. Maybe tomorrow will be better for you but it is aggravating, when you are ready and net is not!-Toogie

chenille by chenille 25 Jul 2015

Thanks Toogie. It did work!!!
Hugs, Nadyne

toogie by toogie 25 Jul 2015

I just saw them and they are precious. So happy you didn't have to wait like I did.

by jrob Moderator 25 Jul 2015

You will need to upload Chrome. You can run it the same time as Internet Explorer, but since the last upgrade to IE we haven't been able to upload pics here.

chenille by chenille 25 Jul 2015

It worked!! Thank you!!
Hugs, Nadyne

jrob by jrob 26 Jul 2015

I'm glad. Happy to see your projects.