by Patricia109 24 Jul 2015

Christmas Club at Embroidery Library has started again.

There are some lovely Christmas designs for free for this weekend only.
Has anyone made their Christmas Ornaments ITH?
Can I use them for glass coasters?


by 02kar Moderator 25 Jul 2015

Try making one and see if the glass is stable. Because the edges are not round or square, they might not be as large as the bottom of the glass. And please let us know if they work as coasters. You might start a whole new trend.

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Patricia109 by Patricia109 30 Jul 2015

Will see I have time this weekend to give it a whirl. :-)

by marianb 25 Jul 2015

That's something I hadn't thought of doing with them, I suppose you could use felt or towelling for the back and not stuff them..

by spendlove Moderator 25 Jul 2015

I've made one of them - it is in projects. I suppose they could be used for coasters.