by nualaa 20 Jul 2015

Hi Cuties, Need your help in jogging my memory. I am sure I downloaded a ITH little pouch for wrapping your cords in. I am sure I downloaded it but can't find it. Can anyone remember the site please. Txs Nuala.


by nualaa 20 Jul 2015

Thanks Ladies, you are the best. They are just what I need. Off now to make a few of them. Cheers

by gramsbear 20 Jul 2015

I used the ones from Emb Garden & they sew out quickly. I put 3 on a 5x7 hoop & sewed in 1 hooping. I used felt, and Velcro fasteners. Hugs, Judy...

by bevintex 20 Jul 2015

It looks like a pouch but is actually a cord wrap

by brittanycooper 20 Jul 2015

I think Sick has some.

by cfidl 20 Jul 2015

I believe that was embroidery garden.

by toogie 20 Jul 2015

I have some cord wraps I down loaded, from designs by sick, but I don't think I have a pouch. Hope someone comes soon to help you-Toogie