by basketkase 19 Jul 2015

I have an overwhelming sadness in my heart today....

the memorial service for Emmett was one of the hardest things I have experienced........will try to immerse myself in embroidery today, to try to move out of this sadness....
I can't put into words what I am feeling....just need to let you know I am struggling..........thank you for always being so loving and supportive to any of us when we need it........loving hugs to all.......


by peafarm 21 Jul 2015

Just read this and so sorry. Only child loss that I know was a church friend that lost one of her small sons due to flash flood on her way home from Wednesday night services. My heart goes out to all involved. Praying God will give courage and strength in this time of need. Emmett is comforted now in the arms of God!

by sdrise 21 Jul 2015

Sending you hugs and lending a shoulder If you need one. We are with you! Prayers are coming your way.Suzanne

by dididwiar 20 Jul 2015

Sending you my warmest hug! I know personally too how difficult it is to have friends who lost a child. I feel your pain. I cannot imagine their pain. Sending love and light. xx Didi

by kalamazoo 20 Jul 2015

Pray, cry, stitch.

by momac 20 Jul 2015

Hi Vicki, keep yourself busy time will heal you and think of the good times spent with Emmett. Thinking and praying for you. Hugs from Maureen

by cfidl 20 Jul 2015

Vicki, I am at a loss for words, however I do have empathy for the feelings I feel you are experiencing. Wishing you, Jim, and Emmett parents peace of mind and heart. Big cyber hugs!

by lbrow 20 Jul 2015

Thinking of you my dear. Hugs for you/Lillian

by joansatx 19 Jul 2015

Hugs across the miles...breathe and stitch and pet the kitties...more hugs and love and prayers...

by katydid 19 Jul 2015

We all have times in our lives we need to escape and as a group, we do have in common our embroidery. Think of people that do not have a hobby to turn to. Do any thing to stay busy. it is therapy! Kay

by pennifold 19 Jul 2015

My heartfelt sympathy for you all Vicki. The loss of a child must be so overwhelming. We are all here for you. May God continue to bless you as you minister to this family. I agree with Loralye doing our craft gives us great peace and joy. Prayers being sent your way. Love Chris

by snowbird42 19 Jul 2015

Vicki i know what you are feeling having been there myself only time helps... it does get eaiser ..... it is always with you as someone said to me at the time "After the rain the sun always shines"....soozie

by 02kar Moderator 19 Jul 2015

Vicki, your tears are testimony to the love for and value of Emmett. Keep on stitching and digitizing. I know they are happy places for you.

by rescuer Moderator 19 Jul 2015

Hugs and prayers. I am glad your embroidery helps you. It is the best therapy I can think of for Cuties.

by NancyBT10 19 Jul 2015

A very difficult and heartbreaking time for you and everyone who has loved this little one. I pray that you find comfort using the gifts and talents given you and that the days ahead will become brighter. Praying.

by basketkase 19 Jul 2015

I tried to edit this post but kept getting an error, so am just placing this comment here.......I wanted to send my appreciation to each and every one of have all impacted my life so positively.....thank you!!
I just digi'd something and I am feeling a bit are right, Loralye, our craft is certainly therapy.......

by gerryb 19 Jul 2015

My heart & prayers are with that family & her friends..esp. you. I have only attended one funeral for a baby & I know how you feel! Our pain is for the Emmett is in Jesus' arms. Hugs to you.

by pldc 19 Jul 2015

sewing is great therapy Vicki, I know very well............

by Leaha 19 Jul 2015

Miss Vicki, I can only imagine the pain and grief of these parents. I don't know exactly how you are feeling; but I have been in the shoes of one who grieves the death of a child from SIDS. She is/was my great niece. The only consolation for me was that God had need of her more than we did and she is now HIS special little Angel. May HE bless and hold the parents in HIS gentle hands as HE holds their child in HIS loving arms. Hugs to you, know you are never alone.

by highlandermom 19 Jul 2015

I bawled my eyes out when you put up first post of the loss and crying now. I have been praying for the parents and all effected by this. We don't have the understanding for this. I can say I have been to service of two little ones and to see a young mother want to take baby from casket was too overwhemling. I do believe it was the hardest thing I have ever witnessed. My heart aches for all. Know I have been praying and send you my very deep heartfelt hug with those prayers.

by stork 19 Jul 2015

our thoughts and prayers are with you!

by jerrib 19 Jul 2015

Sending hugs, love and support to all

by crafter2243 Moderator 19 Jul 2015

Sending you a hug. I hope tomorrow will be a better day.

by jrob Moderator 19 Jul 2015

Praying for your sweet broken heart.

by airyfairy 19 Jul 2015

We are here for you dear Vicki. I am so sorry.

by dragonflyer 19 Jul 2015

I know your heart is aching...special thoughts and hugs for you and your husband for all that you have done for this family...

by aleene 19 Jul 2015

Here is a hug from me to you (HUG) hope it helps some. Aleene

by gerryvb 19 Jul 2015

a special hug for you Vicky

by beedragonlady 19 Jul 2015

Even though I do not know you, my heart is broken by your words. I have lost 2 cousins in similar situations about 2 years apart, and we still acknowledge their passing over 30 years later. I cannot say it gets easier, the pain is still sharp. They were here briefly and brought joy. We never were able to see them reach their full potential here on earth but are comforted to know that they are with our Father. I have been praying for peace for all involved in this situation and for others who have experienced such a loss. Especially to those who have miscarried. It is a loss too, you probably never were able to hold that precious child and tell them you loved them. To lose someone does leave a hole that only time can begin to fill. Remember those smiles and giggles, those were their gifts to us.

by dailylaundry 19 Jul 2015

Just know we support and love you, Vicki!! Hugs especially today! Laura*

by graceandham 19 Jul 2015

I Just read the poem on Toogie's photos of daughters house. Would those words be a comfort to Emmett's parents at some point? I am teary over both lost children, and I don't know these parents. It has to be the hardest loss there is. When you've worked through this a bit, you will be more able to support these dear parents. Stitch happy thoughts and bright colors, or a project for yourself you've been delaying.