by arlene 13 Jul 2015

can anyone tell me where I can find a design of a adult 3 wheel bicycle. I need it for a man at church. he got one to ride and I want to put it on a tee shirt. it is a bicycle with 3 wheels instead of usual 2


by basketkase 14 Jul 2015

Arlene......I have one that I did for my hubbys best friend.....he had a stroke and this is what he rides now......don't know if it will be a fit for you, but here is a link to it..........Vicki

arlene by arlene 15 Jul 2015

this will work!!!! Thanks

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 16 Jul 2015

Yea...Vicki to the rescue!!!

airyfairy by airyfairy 17 Jul 2015

Vicki to the rescue indeed

cfidl by cfidl 20 Jul 2015

It goes to show you, sometimes you need only look in your own neighborhood to get exactly what you need! Yeah!

by pennyhal2 14 Jul 2015

I can't find one either.

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arlene by arlene 15 Jul 2015

I know I tried everywhere.

by dragonflyer 14 Jul 2015

Well, I Googled Tricycle Embroidery Designs...lots of tricycles, but not sure any of them would do for an adult tricycle...might be worth a look though if you haven't already checked them out...

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arlene by arlene 14 Jul 2015

I tried everywhere with no luck.

by NancyBT10 14 Jul 2015

Wow! Hard to believe you have discovered an embroidery design that doesn't seem to available anywhere! Maybe you should suggest this design to some of the companies that digitize and sell designs. Seems there would be a market for it since the trikes are being sold everywhere now.

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arlene by arlene 14 Jul 2015

I couldn't believe not one design.

by bevintex 13 Jul 2015

I looked but just did not find one

rescuer by rescuer 13 Jul 2015

I also looked and could not find any. A flower for your efforts

arlene by arlene 14 Jul 2015

All I could find were tricycles.