by dietcoke 12 Jul 2015

I am looking for some designs that are suitable for a Physie girls group that I can put on towels to give away as encouragement awards. Happy to purchase designs.

Has anyone come across some that stitch out well. Thanks


by rachap 12 Jul 2015

Five Star Fonts has some inspirtional words digitized and they often have a sale.

by pennifold 12 Jul 2015

There are some lovely gymnast designs on Splinters and Threads - which you could adapt to Physical culture ones. Love Chris

Click on EMBROIDERY SHOP, then click on MACHINE EMBROIDERY DESIGNS and then click on LINEWORK and then on the fourth row there is a heading called EXCLUSIVE GYMNASTS.

by mrskiki 12 Jul 2015

Please explain what a "Physie girls group is". Perhaps then we can help. Hugs. Nan W

pennifold by pennifold 12 Jul 2015

Hi Nan, I believe "dietcoke" is referring to Physical Culture. Love Chris

dietcoke by dietcoke 12 Jul 2015

Thanks everyone and sorry I was referring to Physical Culture - I will check those links out tonight.