by chenille 08 Jul 2015

Now that my sewing room is back in some semblance of order I can "play" again. Not sure if I mentioned that the first sets of shelves that I ended up with had all collapsed under the weight of my fabric stash. They were supposed to hold 150 lbs. a shelf...they didn't! I now have some sturdy metal ones with wooden liners. My stash is stacked but not organized. A huge improvement.

I am about to make some coasters for a friend and was wondering what stabilizer does everyone prefer??
I like the weight of wash away/ tear away but do not like the "fuzz" left on the edges. With WSS what happens if the glass or mug sweats and it gets wet...or do you wash it out? When making for ourselves I do not tend to think about these things but I am always reluctant when giving to someone else. Any advice would be a BIG help!! Thanks.
Hugs, Nadyne


by toogie 08 Jul 2015

I'm not sure what others do, but this is what I have done. When making 'mug rugs' like dragonflyer gave us, I use tearaway, because it is fully lined with a fabric, after it is quilted to the top fabric and batting. On felt coasters I use cutaway. I hoop the cutaway, lay the felt on top and stitch the design, all but the satin edge. Then I take the hoop off of the machine and tape felt to back to cover the back stitching. Using a bobbin thread to match the top,I stitch the straight line stitching, then trim the felt both front and back without cutting or pulling on the stabilizer. I then put it back on the machine and stitch the satin stitch. You may still have a little white show, but just trim carefully as close as you can, without cutting your satin stitches! These have been well used, so pardon how they look. Nora's little not quiet yet 2 year old hands, uses them to 'dust' my tables with-lol-you can see on the quilted one I have left the tearaway in and never sewed my opening up-shame on me! The purple one hardly shows any cut-a-way edge. Like I said this is good for me. -Toogie

chenille by chenille 08 Jul 2015

Thanks Toogie! I really am out of the loop these days. I love your work! I am going to persevere though!!
Hugs, Nadyne

sewmom by sewmom 08 Jul 2015

I have also added plastic shower liner to the middle sandwich of layers to protect tables from wet glasses.

chenille by chenille 08 Jul 2015

I like this idea! Thanks.
Hugs, Nadyne