by wider57 03 Jul 2015

Here's a picture of the smoke from forest fires 600 km (375 miles) to the north of me. It is so bad that I have to stay in and work on projects (Boo Hoo :-) Now if I only had my embroidery machine back from the 'hospital' it would be even better. However, the fires are very serious and they have evacuated thousands of people. I know many of them will have nothing to go back to and I think it is time for me to start sewing quilts, etc. for them.


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by cfidl edited 03 Jul 2015

I am so sorry to hear this news. It it a tough year for places that have not burned in decades or ever. My thoughts and prayers for all affected by fires. Take care and have fun with projects!

by crafter2243 Moderator 03 Jul 2015

This does not look good. My heart goes out to all that are affected. Here in the parched landscape of California the fire danger is really high and with fireworks for 4th of July celebrations it gets scary. Your kind heart and your quilts will always be a appreciated.

by jrob Moderator 03 Jul 2015

My prayers are extended to all who are in harm's way or who are affected by this in any way.. I know that there are many who suffer from respiratory problems who are struggling, not to mention those directly involved in getting this under control. You have a very kind heart to be thinking about being to help those whose losses are incomprehensible.

by 02kar Moderator 03 Jul 2015

My heart goes out to you all. I can imagine the pain, grief and fear these fires are producing. You are wonderful to start thinking of ways to help the survivors. I hope your machine comes home soon ready and willing to stitch away.

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wider57 by wider57 03 Jul 2015

I feel for the northern residents of our province too. If the smoke is this bad almost 400 miles away, can you imagine what it is like only 50 or 100 miles away? On top of all this smoke, the temperature is in the mid to high 80's (30 - 35 C).

by chenille 03 Jul 2015

Oh my this is terrifying!! Where are you located? What a good hearted person you are to think of sewing quilts for the ones who have nothing to return to. Hugs &** for you,

wider57 by wider57 03 Jul 2015

I am way down in Southern Saskatchewan and these fires are burning in the northern part of our province and into the Northwest Territories. The smoke and smell everywhere is awful. I cannot imagine what it is like closer to the fires!

chenille by chenille 03 Jul 2015

We are in southeast B.C. and in the past have had our share of fires and the smoke. It really terrifies me. Both my husband and myself have some breathing problems...severe allergic reactions to smoke and DH has only one lung...scary stuff! Heard from relatives in Manitoba and it seems that they are getting the smoke there too. Take care.
Hugs, Nadyne

by toogie 03 Jul 2015

It is so sad about the fires. That is a long way, to still see smoke from it! My son, like sewmoms, fights fires. It is a dangerous job for them. They can get turned around, very easily, lose their way. All people need our prayers, the evacuees and fire fighters.

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wider57 by wider57 03 Jul 2015

Amen! It is a real danger for everyone everywhere. Even our highways - throughout our entire province - are dangerous as you cannot see oncoming traffic.