by camylow 23 Jun 2015

Good morning everyone....My shift has changed at work so I am not on like I wish...I broke down my schedule and realized I have no time anymore...

1 hr and 30 minutes driving back and forth to work
10 hrs 30 minutes for work
3 hrs to get chores done dishes laundry vacumn etc
6 hrs sleep
1 hour buisness paperwork and bills
the other 2 hours-taking care of animals grand daughter and any other item I can squeeze in. maybe a few minutes to sew

wow, when you type it out, it looks pretty meek.

oh news...
Our church life group volunteered to throw a BBQ for 12 people at the Guatemala fundraiser...someone bid $140.00 for we get to have some fun with 12 new people...Come to find out it is their anniversary so we are going to really do it up for them.


by katydid 24 Jun 2015

My dear child , you are burning the candle at both ends!!!

by jrob Moderator 24 Jun 2015

Deanna, I'm shaking my finger at you.....6 hours isn't enough sleep to stay healthy for a long term. Don't wear yourself down.

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katydid by katydid 24 Jun 2015

I agree!!

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by cfidl edited 24 Jun 2015

That sounds wonderful! The BBQ part I know you will make it special. Not having enough time, I understand, wow you have a long commute. But you do have a life! You go girl!

by noah 23 Jun 2015

Wow sounds like my bush friends no matter were you work you have at least a one hour drive one way ***they use that hour to unwind lol Hugs Carolyn Oh please squeeze in a little sewing on your day off ok

by 02kar Moderator 23 Jun 2015

Ouch! That is a long day. My husband used to have to travel like that but he was fortunate to work a 4 day week and was able to stay over at no charge by staying in the hospital where he worked. We are always here when you can manage to check in. Just let us know you are OK once in while so we don't worry.

by graceandham 23 Jun 2015

Makes me tired, too. Can you redeem any of that commute time, for example by listening to relaxing music, or by sharing the ride with someone, so the driving isn't always on you? I've done the long commute time and it will make you prematurely old! If you're working 10.5 hours, is that a four day week? I finally resolved that I would not do grocery shopping or laundry except on the weekends to feel a little freer in the evenings on work days.

by dragonflyer 23 Jun 2015

Wow, I'm exhausted just reading about your day...take care...

by lbrow 23 Jun 2015

Deanna, I'm praying for you,. That's a pretty hefty time schedule for you.. I've been in that situation in the past and it takes a lot out of you.. I know the Bar B Q will be a big success if you have a hand in it./Lillian

by airyfairy 23 Jun 2015

This sounds like a very heavy schedule. We all need a bit of time for ourselves. Take care and don't over do it.

by pennifold 23 Jun 2015

Wow! Deanna, your days are full to the brim. I'm like Mary, make sure you get some 'me' time and I don't mean machine embroidery, he he he! Love Chris

by grandmamek 23 Jun 2015

You are a busy lady!! Try and squeeze in some down time for your own enjoyment. Do not overdo. Hugs, Mary