by nualaa 18 Jun 2015

So Sad.... Missed our first grand daughters graduation this evening. We came home to a burst pipe in our furnace room. Water running all over the walls, furnace and a water tank and into the crawl space. We finally found the offending burst pipe and hopefully won't be too difficult to fix. No water till it is fixed sometime tomorrow. On the bright side, hopefully we will get to see her in her finery for her prom on Saturday evening. Just have to do with photos of the ceremony.


by pldc 18 Jun 2015

ah Nualaa such a shame but these things happen & I am sure she would understand & miss your presence all the same. I like the idea of a special evening where she can tell you all about it & maybe after her prom so she can tell you all about that as well. As for the burst pip by now you will have someone in to take the appropriate measures & make it right again. Be patient all will be right soon. ~Extra hugs for you.. Loralye~

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nualaa by nualaa 18 Jun 2015

Thanks Loralye. Got to see a video of her walking accross the stage which was nice. Pipe is all fixed just have to dry out the space. Was not bad, not even $200 to repair. Furnace and hot tank working fine.

by pacmp 18 Jun 2015

Glad you live close enough you will be able to share in her prom experience. Graceandham has some good advice and a unique perspective with having been in charge of graduation ceremonies in the past. I would also add to invite her over for a special dinner to have her share with you what were her favorites of the event. Time will be flying quickly now and before you know it it will be college graduation, weddings and birth announcements. Hopefully you will get some private moments to share with her what you had hoped to share at her graduation ceremony. With so many people today having technology at their fingertips, the chances are that there are video's of the event, but I also know that a video will not feel the same to you, as having been there with the family. Hugs for the frustrations of the situation, and hope the pipes were fixed without much loss of property and that the ideas the cuties will give on this post, may give you a way to help celebrate your grand daughter's graduation with her. Pam

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nualaa by nualaa 18 Jun 2015

Thanks Pam. Time will fly by and we will have a special dinner for her next week with all the family. That will be nice. Thanks for the hugs.

by graceandham 18 Jun 2015

I think you should sit with a nice glass of iced tea (or whatever your preference) in a comfortable chair with your favorite picture of her nd take a few minutes to imagine the graduation step by step. The processional, the music, the welcomes, the speech-making, the names being called, her walking across the stage. Enjoy it and treasure the feelings. Then have a good talk with her and tell her the things you would have said before or after the ceremony.

You will have missed the heat and the bugs (if outdoors and summer where you are), the uncomfortable seats, the noise, the search for the restroom, the boring speeches, the restless crowd, the traffic!

I used to be in charge of graduation at the first school where I taught. Ask her what the speaker said and ask her again in a year or five years. This, too, will be enlightening. After my first group of seniors graduated, all I remembered of the "wonderful" speech the next year was his three great jokes!

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nualaa by nualaa 18 Jun 2015

That is true, My daughter was sad she did not get a picture with her niece after the ceremony as she was busy with her friends. I reminded her she did the same thing too. LOL.

by 02kar Moderator 18 Jun 2015

Missing a milestone is never what we like, but I'm grateful you found the pipe and got the water shut off before too much damage was done.

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nualaa by nualaa 18 Jun 2015

I am too, and not too much damage. Running fans and heaters will probably cost more on hydro than the repair. LOL. but worth it. There will be lots more milestones to see.

by lbrow 18 Jun 2015

Hate you missed the milestone but hopefully you'll have a video and pictures. You should be near to getting pipe fixed by now. It's a bummer not having water/Lillian

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nualaa by nualaa 18 Jun 2015

Lucky we work and are out all day so was not too bad. Just annoying you forget and turn the tap on and then remember there is nothing there.

by pennifold 18 Jun 2015

Thankfully they have taken pictures of her Graduation. I think fixing your water pipe was more important. We've had 2 burst water mains in our footpath at the front of our house and I know what you have been through. I hope it will all be fixed asap. Good luck on her Prom for this weekend. Looking forward to seeing some pictures of it all. Love Chris

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nualaa by nualaa 18 Jun 2015

All is fixed. We had another leak in 1990. We had a basement style house then and my 2 aunts and cousins had been staying with us for 3 weeks. The morning after the left we woke up to about 8 ins of water in the basement. A pipe broke in my daughters en-suite and it had been flowing all night. She never heard a thing. Stepped out of bed and got a shock. Thank goodness it was not that bad this time. Memories, good or bad they make you smile.