by rsehorse 17 Jun 2015

just wondering how many Cuties are planning on doing the San Francisco Stitch Co. "Road Trip" mystery?

I am going to.


by cfidl 19 Jun 2015

Oh I really like them and you could add the designs from Paris and London and was it Egypt and make something bigger!

by judyoake 19 Jun 2015

Me too!

by pennyhal2 19 Jun 2015

Thanks, everyone! I must have gotten my weeks mixed up!

by sewtired 18 Jun 2015

I have begun this one, a first for me. I have posted my stitchout in the summer spellbinder album in their yahoo group.

by pennyhal2 18 Jun 2015

I'm going to do it...if I don't forget to get to the website each week!

by Trish56 18 Jun 2015

I am going to give it a go, My machine is in the service man at the moment, it has been there 2 weeks now, they told me 4/5 weeks..... BIG SIGH..... I am going to collect the mystery blocks and catch up with the sewing WHEN I get my machine back, :)

by tfk 17 Jun 2015

I have downloaded the 1st week design and read instructions as well! Doubt I have is are we supposed to follow the given colours only and nothing else? When I opened the designs...different formats showing slightly different colours and none exactly according to the colour chart given! ?

by rsehorse 17 Jun 2015 is the web site. Every week on Friday they post a new design. It is Free until the following Friday when they post the next design. It is a mystery what it will be when you are finished. It only requires scraps of material.

by grandmamek 17 Jun 2015

I did the first one. I will try and keep up with the rest.

by rsloan 17 Jun 2015

I think I'll give it a try too.

by tfk 17 Jun 2015

Whats that? Sorry...have no idea about it! If someone can kindly share about it?!

grandmamek by grandmamek 17 Jun 2015

Week one is in progress. San Francisco Stitch gives a free design each week. This is for eight weeks and then we will find out what the final outcome is.

tfk by tfk edited 17 Jun 2015

Thanks for explaining ladies :) I too searched and checked it!
Can we see anywhere what others have done so far with the 1st design?

mrskiki by mrskiki 18 Jun 2015

Photos are in the San Franscisco Stitch Co yahoo group. You should join. Hugs. Nan W

by graceandham 17 Jun 2015

I use a lot of her individual designs, but I didn't leave my heart in San Francisco, so not doing the set.