by wider57 15 Jun 2015

Arrrghhhh! Suffering withdrawal symptoms . Have made more than 2000 fobs/zipper pulls in the last 4 months and wore my machine out! Poor baby is in the shop and may be gone for up to a month! What am I to do with all this time I have on my hands? Hmmm, gardening, housework, looking after sick hubby. Nope - guess I'll pull out my yarn and crochet hook and make some chemo bottle holders. Could also fire up my little sewing machine and make some quilts, pillow cases or pet beds.... Nah - crocheting it is as I can do this while lounging out on the deck in the warm summer sun. :-)


by icana 16 Jun 2015

What I did was buy a used machine that would serve as a backup. Was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I use it all the time for my regular sewing and it also embroiders if I need it to.

by airyfairy 16 Jun 2015

I know what you are going through. Hope you will have your machine back soon.

by cfidl 16 Jun 2015

That works, love the summer, except the weeding.

by sdrise 16 Jun 2015

Wow great job... There is always something to do.. My hands are never idle... hehe... Suzanne

by dragonflyer 16 Jun 2015

Wow, I'm tired just reading about making 2000 fobs and all...

by 02kar Moderator 16 Jun 2015

Oh my, you made me tired just thinking about all you can do. Come on over and sit with me while I start to reclaim another section of a stone path the renter couldn't be bothered to pull the occasional weed. Now it has almost disappeared under the weeds. Bring your crochet.

by marianb 16 Jun 2015

You'll find the time will fly and before you can say Jack Robinson your baby will be back as good as new..

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pacmp by pacmp 16 Jun 2015

Jack Robinson, Jack Robinson, Jack Robinson! Hope it works to bring her baby home quickly!!

by sandralane 15 Jun 2015

You will probably now have lots of time for all your UFO's, and any thing else new you thought that you may like to investigate. Lots of choices below. Now you shall run out of time before your machine is returned to you. Good luck. Sandra

by lbrow 15 Jun 2015

Have at it. Sorry about the machine that's what happened to me. Mine went back to factory to be refurbished but was back in 2 weeks. Sews like it did when it was brand new. I'm still crocheting and have just finished my 4th afghan/Lillian

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by graceandham edited 15 Jun 2015

Open and organize all download files. Arrange fat quarters by color and store dust-free in a plastic box or boxes. Inventory your threads and see what's missing. Cut up a roll of stabilizer to fit your hoop(s). Make a to do list of stitchouts - what you want to sew 1st, 2nd, 3rd when machine comes home. Organize patterns, if you do regular sewing. Assemble any quilt squares you've stitched out. Oh, catch up on your girlfriends and go visit in the nursing home. Manicure, hair cut, pedicure. Reintroduce yourself to your DH, if applicable. Wrap Christmas gifts. Let's see, what have I forgotten. Catch up on your stack of unread books. Yes, I've been going through withdrawal, too, because my machine is upstairs and doc said to stay off of my knee and off of stairs. Hope machine comes home soon.

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marianb by marianb 16 Jun 2015

did you realise it's only 20 Fridays till Christmas!