by sandyqueen 14 Jun 2015

Prayers needed. My sister-in-law was helicoptered to one of Montana's best medical centers. The diagnosis on 3rd day was Hantavirus. No treatment for virus, ventilator for breathing, knocked out as fights ventilator, lungs drained.

Scary disease. Pray for Diane and all the family. Need strength, courage, and recovery (which probably will be long). Be very careful around mice. They live on ranch.
Check with on how to cleanup after the pesky mice.

Thank you in advance.



by sandyqueen 21 Jun 2015

MY SIL went home last Thursday. They living with her mom who needs some help. Praise and thanks for our Father who answers prayer.


by americangirl 17 Jun 2015

Is there an update?

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sandyqueen by sandyqueen 18 Jun 2015

Yes breathing tube out Saturday, walking with walker and therapist Monday, today no walker. God has blessed us wonderfully.
Thank you all so very much.


by aleene 16 Jun 2015

Dear Father GOD touch this lady with your healing hand,You said that anything we ask in the name of JESUS believing you would do it for us, So GOD please heal any non believe we may have in the name of JESUS we ask! AMEN

by sebsews 15 Jun 2015

Never heard of this but I do send prayers for you and your family. Suzanna

by cfidl 15 Jun 2015

That is so scary! God bless!

by joansatx 15 Jun 2015


by gerryvb 15 Jun 2015

Prayers for Diane and all the family.

by momofeight 15 Jun 2015

She will be in my prayers

by debswebster 15 Jun 2015

Oh so sorry to hear of your Sister-in-laws condition. I pray that she will recover fully.

by dragonflyer 15 Jun 2015

Praying for a speedy very sad to hear this...

by zoefzoef 15 Jun 2015

Prayers sent to her and whole family

by americangirl 15 Jun 2015

Off to Billings I'm guessing.
This is very scary. I'm so sorry to hear this. Hoping for the best!

by crafter2243 Moderator 15 Jun 2015

I have prayed for Diane and will include her on my list to pray for till she has recovered., This has to be very scary. Never heard of this virus.

by airyfairy 15 Jun 2015

Wishing your SIL a speedy recovery

by jrob Moderator 15 Jun 2015

I'll add my prayer to the others. I know this must be scary.

by marianb 15 Jun 2015

Hope you all can keep strong, will keep Diane in my thoughts..

by marianamin2003 15 Jun 2015

Prayers for her.

by Leaha 14 Jun 2015

Prayers being offered as I write. May His Angels hold her close as she struggles with this disease and give comfort to all the family.

by lbrow 14 Jun 2015

Very scary.Prayers already going up for her and all the family/Lillian

by pldc 14 Jun 2015

My prayers for all concerned. ~hugs~

by babash 14 Jun 2015

Never heard of this virus. Hope your Sister in law starts to recover soon now that she is in the best Hospital.

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pacmp by pacmp 15 Jun 2015

it is carried mainly in the saliva, urine and feces of mice and rats and so if sweeping up the mess they can leave the dust that may be inhaled is a very dangerous risk- always wear gloves and a mask when you are doing any work where they have been, I send my thoughts and prayers also, this is very scary. Would be hard to live on a ranch and not have rodents in abundance.

by graceandham 14 Jun 2015

Thanks for the heads up. We will certainly be praying for your family and especially for Diane.

by sdrise 14 Jun 2015

Prayers are with you and more coming I am sure. Suzanne