by sjbrower ( edited 10 Jan 2016 ) 10 Jun 2015

More little girl dresses. I was helping my mom clean out some of her fabric area, and came across a small stack of very old dotted swiss fabric scraps. I hadn't seen that fabric in years and years. I quickly "took ownership" (mom was happy.... she was in clean it out mode) and made a couple of dresses for our Miss Ella.

The first one is blue (with pink lining in the top) and the embroidery is from Jen's Original.

The second I call sherbert dress... no embroidery, but buttons and bows! Buttons were from mom's cleaning as well. I might add another green bow to the skirt (between the pink and yellow layer). What do you think... too much?


by glendaroach49 11 Jun 2015

Darling dresses! What patterns did you use or did you even use a pattern?

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sjbrower by sjbrower 03 Jul 2015

The blue one I made up myself. I just took a pattern that I knew fit Miss Ella, and extended the top enough to make the ties. The sherbert dress is Simplicity 1449 (hard to say no to the Joanns $1 patterns!)

by spendlove Moderator 11 Jun 2015

Sweet! I love the knotted shoulders.

by dionisiam 11 Jun 2015

queste vestine sono proprio belle,

by brendalea 11 Jun 2015

Such cute little dresses.
Thank you for sharing Happy Stitching Brenda Lea

by sewdeb 11 Jun 2015

So lovely! I made my daughters many dresses out of dotted Swiss (some survived and I have passed them onto my granddaughters to wear... ) Thanks for the memories.

by jrob Moderator 11 Jun 2015

Precious dresses and great memories have surfaced. I, too, had a red dotted swiss dress. It was my Easter dress one year, made by my grandmother, and I had a bonnet and gloves and black patent shoes, shined with a biscuit. We lost all of out childhood pictures, but I can remember this one so well. Thank you for the trip down memory lane.

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pennifold by pennifold 11 Jun 2015

Mine was red and white also Jerrilyn and made by my Grandmother too! I didn't wear a hat, but had white shoes - mine was mainly a summer dress! Love Chris

by arlene 11 Jun 2015

I just loved dotted swiss. What wonderful dresses you have made.

by NancyBT10 11 Jun 2015

Adorable little dresses for Miss Ella! My mother was an excellent seamstress and made all of our clothes. I very lovingly recall dotted swiss fabric. It was one of my favorites. You really did a great job using the beautiful fabric. I think the sherbet dress look perfectly fine with the single bow. You could always make Miss Ella a little headband with a bow to go along with it if you have some left over. I like the embroidery on the first dress; I bet she will be "Daddy's girl"!

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sjbrower by sjbrower 11 Jun 2015

Definitely Daddy's girl!

by laffma1 11 Jun 2015

Dotted Swiss brings back lots of memories for me as well. Too bad we cannot find it around here these days, or at least I have' seen it in a very long time. These little dresses are really cute. You did a great job making them, & I bet your mom is really happy to see her saved scrap pile go to such a good use. Well done.

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sjbrower by sjbrower 11 Jun 2015

That fabric took both me and my mom down memory lane.... and a few cuties as well I see. Best we can remember, these scraps are from late 70s or early 80s.

Thanks for your comments. --Sharon

by lolly3 11 Jun 2015

Hi sjbrower, These little dresses are just beautiful, some little girl is going to love wearing them. Reminds me of a Summers Day filled with making Daisy Chain Necklaces. Thankyou for sharing. Regards Lorraine of South Australia.

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sjbrower by sjbrower 11 Jun 2015

Thanks Lorraine.... Miss Ella's Mom loves these hand made dresses. That fabric reminded me of my younger days as well. Sharon

by RockyB 11 Jun 2015

These are adorable! So sweet! I would love to know where you found the patterns?

sjbrower by sjbrower 11 Jun 2015

The blue one I made up myself. I just took a pattern that I knew fit Miss Ella, and extended the top enough to make the ties. The sherbert dress is Simplicity 1449 (hard to say no to the Joanns $1 patterns!)

RockyB by RockyB 11 Jun 2015

Thank you, they sure are cute!

by pennifold 11 Jun 2015

Dear Sharon, these dresses remind me of my favourite dress when I was a little girl living in Adelaide. Mine was red and white spotted Voile. Love the both of them. Love Chris

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sjbrower by sjbrower 11 Jun 2015

Hi Chris, it's good to see that these are bringing fond memories for folks. Both my Mom and I stopped and took a memory trip when we saw these fabrics. Thanks for sharing your memory. Sharon

by sonjapotgieter 11 Jun 2015

So Gorgeous....Well done

by aussiequilter 11 Jun 2015

just beautiful

by justsew 11 Jun 2015

Beautiful work
Hugs Pam

by teun 11 Jun 2015


by mlbell70 11 Jun 2015

This material brings back good memories of dessses I made for our daughter. Very nice work

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sjbrower by sjbrower 11 Jun 2015

Glad to bring back some good memories for you too. Thanks! Sharon

by graceandham 10 Jun 2015

So sweet and oh my gosh, do you know what dotted swiss is costing these days. These are very expensive little dresses.

by tfk 10 Jun 2015

These are so cute and well stitched :)
Love the pretty colours and dotted fabric!

by pldc 10 Jun 2015

really cute Sharon, ~hugs~

by dordonc 10 Jun 2015

nice job.........

by dragonflyer 10 Jun 2015

Ahhh, sweet memories of my own childhood! Nice job

by toogie 10 Jun 2015

I'm like Lillian, I've always loved dotted swiss, but I don't see it anymore. I just love your little dresses,each are equally pretty. I would like the bottom one, even without the bow. Wish I had some of this in all my stash!

by lbrow 10 Jun 2015

I I've always loved dotted swiss fabric. I Remember my first long formal dress for my piano recital was made from pink dotted swiss. I loved that dress. After the recital my aunt cut it off and made me a Sunday dress. These little dress are so sweet/Lillian

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sjbrower by sjbrower 11 Jun 2015

What a wonderful memory to share with us Lillian! Thank you. Sharon

by babash 10 Jun 2015

Beautiful dresses Love the old type fabrics so soft and classy. I think it looks great with the one bow.

by noah 10 Jun 2015

Oh i love them hugs

by Leaha 10 Jun 2015

Sew very cute and perfect for a little lady. Great job, hope she enjoys every minute wearing these!