by pat111otter 06 Jun 2015

Here's the troubled design! This is the third time, and I did as you all suggested, no pulling the fabric, starch it, another layer of stabiliser, and still it puckers! 10,600 stitches and 32 minutes stitching!


by Leaha 06 Jun 2015

I'm no expert by any means, with that said you might duplicate the same setup as this, either floating an extra piece of stabilizer underneath. On the last emb I just finished I actually cut two pieces of stabilizer and gave one a 90 degree turn, hooped everything and had success. This adds additional strength and might just take care of your problems, it helped me.

by katydid 06 Jun 2015

I found the photo to show how the iron fits inside the hoop.

NancyBT10 by NancyBT10 06 Jun 2015

I have done this many times! It seems that no matter how much I press some of the iron on stabilizier that there are little puffs. I now iron within the hoop as backup. Also, I purchased one of the super cute mini irons ( mine is, well, there is no name on it, but it is super cute and tiny) I use it press down any puffs and because it is so little it goes everywhere!

katydid by katydid 06 Jun 2015

good idea

by katydid 06 Jun 2015

I see you have a lot of different advise. If you have a way to decrease the density either with your machine or your software or change the pull compensation. Also, you might try using a basting stitch with the fabric to the stabilizer before you start the design. I remember when I used to stitch the toilet paper covers on felt and some of the designs were way to dense, I would hoop the medium weight fusible stabilizer and fuse the strip of felt directly to the stabilizer using an iron with a pressing cloth. I know you are frustrated. Good luck! Kay

by NancyBT10 06 Jun 2015

I truly understand your frustration embroidering a design that isn't giving you the results you desire. I had a design of two cows that I must have tried 10 times using different stabilizers, materials, etc.yet, the outline never matched up. I honestly think your little duck looks cute. But, wasting material, being aggravated and not getting the results is very disheartening. Don't despair! Keep trying. It will work out. You have lots of people offering advice and I am sure that everything will work out!

by tilde01 06 Jun 2015

What a cute design. I'd try starching the fabric first, then use an iron on stabilizer, maybe wrapping the bottom hoop with painter's tape to make sure the fabric can't pull into the center as its being stitched. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

by asterixsew Moderator 06 Jun 2015

Hi I haven't seen the earlier post but I often enlarge a design a tad before starting and that helps reduce a very dense design

by lbrow 06 Jun 2015

Have not commented on this before but design may be to dense for the fabric. Sometimes a heavy wt . cut away stabilizer will make a difference./Lillian

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pat111otter by pat111otter 06 Jun 2015

Im going to have one more go at it, this time I will i,iron on some interfacing to see if that helps, I want to use this as one of the squares on a babies quilt, but wondered if it would be too stiff? Its driving me nuts, but I want to get it right, I like the little duck !!!! Im wasting so much fabric as well !!!

by grammaheh1 06 Jun 2015

Try ironing on a piece of stabilizer/pellon on the back of the fabric for added stability to the fabric.

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lbrow by lbrow 06 Jun 2015

I often do this with tee shirts and it does help

by pennyhal2 06 Jun 2015

Sometimes I have a fabric that always puckers no matter what I do.Often pressing it face down on a bath towel with steam helps. I also add a couple of layers of wss to the top. The extra wss adds a little space for the thread to relax in. You have to be careful to not use too many layers as the design will get too hard for the needle to push through. Using an iron-on stablilizer also helps.

by dailylaundry 06 Jun 2015

I know this is frustrating for you!! You did all the things I would have done. Could it be that your hoops aren't as tight as they use to be? Laura*

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lbrow by lbrow 06 Jun 2015

Good point Laura, a while back I cut myself some felt collars to fit my hoops and if I have very light weight fabric will use one so hoop will tighten down well and keep fabric from slipping/Lillian

by michemb 06 Jun 2015

At first glance I would save that the design should have been embroidered on the other direction of the fabric. What I mean is that the grain of the fabric should be the other way. My 2 cents Worth not sure what others will say. The design is super cute BTW.

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lbrow by lbrow 06 Jun 2015

I too try to put my designs on the straight of the grain. Seems I have better luck that way