by dee 05 Jun 2015

Here is a quilt top I sent to my friend in IL> She ties the quilt and gives to teenage girls that are in home for troubled girls


by hagridsmom 13 Jun 2015

how pretty this one is and what a nice thing youare doing. I bet the girls keep their quilts until they are threads. (And I love blue and yellow quilts!)

by dee 07 Jun 2015

Thanks for all the comments. My friend Pat has made over 135 quilts for the girls. She does beautiful work.

by toogie 06 Jun 2015

Beautiful job on this X and O quilt! Beautiful job the two of you are involved in.

by NancyBT10 06 Jun 2015

A quilt is like a big hug. I am sure these young women need one. Have worked with troubled young women and sadly many do not know love and hugs unless there are conditions. Your quilt is beautiful. To be wrapped/hugged and loved unconditionally is a life changer for many of the women. Bless you.

by cfidl 06 Jun 2015

Wonderful project you two have there. Blessings to all the girls!

by joanne8125 06 Jun 2015

Wow, what a wonderful thing you are doing and this is so pretty. I know these girls will be so very grateful and you and your friend will be so blessed for doing this.

by airyfairy 06 Jun 2015

Beautiful, what wonderful work you are doing for the community

by lbrow 06 Jun 2015

What a beautiful quilt top! You and you friend are doing a great thing. Some of these girls may not have ever had something this beautiful that they could call their own./Lillian

by sonjapotgieter 06 Jun 2015

Gorgeous Quilt...

by Leaha 05 Jun 2015

Excellent job, on the quilt and the cause you and your friend contribute to.

by shirley124 05 Jun 2015

Great quilt top. The girl that receives this will be delighted to think someone cares. Hugs

by noah 05 Jun 2015

great job and ,may you be blessed in return for your kindness hugs

by snowbird42 05 Jun 2015

awesome quilt op and awesome quilt maker....soozie

by pennifold 05 Jun 2015

How generous of you Damaris to make this quilt. All of the girls who receive one of these quilts will treasure them. They not only provide warmth, but they will know that someone has made them with love. Well done. Love Chris

by 02kar Moderator 05 Jun 2015

What a special gift you have made for a young girl. She will be wrapped in love thanks to you. Kudos to you and to your friend for such a wonderful gift to these girls.

by pldc 05 Jun 2015

well done & such a worthy cause!~hugs~