by laffma1 03 Jun 2015

Hello Cuties - looking for advice/suggestions today on steam irons. Mine has mysteriously developed a crack in the water reservoir and is now leaking terribly. Which brand/model of iron do you recommend?


by sebsews 03 Jun 2015

some time ago someone posted something about and iron that would raise up by itself and do other things too I guess. I don't remember the name of the but that is the iron I would like.

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pinon by pinon 04 Jun 2015

I believe that is the Oliso Auto Lift iron.

by pcteddyb 03 Jun 2015

I got a nice rowenta a couple of years ago and it sprung a leak. I decided to go with a lesser expensive iron and just replace as needed (I could get three of them for the price of one rowenta). Disappointed because I hoped for a longer live from it....

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by dec716 edited 03 Jun 2015

my favorite iron, and i have had many, is sunbeam 1500watt self cleaning steam iron. Holds alot of water, heats quickly, has stainless steel sole plate (makes it easier to clean) shuts off if not used, and is budget friendly. I find at Big Lots or Walmart.
I may be one of a few but I love to iron. Started at 9yrs old doing hankercifs and large mens shirts with an old ironrite rolling iron in a huge case and you worked the controls with your knee like some of older sewing machines used to.

by shirley124 03 Jun 2015

Thanks for your question. I was only saying to hubby a couple of days ago "my iron will most likely be the next thing to go" I hate trying to break in a new iron. We have had to replace a few household items just recently. One being my fav. Blender. A piece of vegetable got caught under the blades. Made a terrible mess. Caused the bottom of the blender to unscrew. It burnt out the motor. We got a new one but no where near as good as the one I had for over 45 years. Best of lick with choosing a new iron. Hugs Shirley

by pinon 03 Jun 2015

I bought a Black and Decker D2040 last year and it's the best iron I've ever had. It never spits or leaks, heats up super quickly after an auto off (doesn't drive me nuts waiting like my son's Shark and my daughter's Rowenta did). Stainless steel soleplate with lots of holes and clouds of steam. I bought it at Amazon for about $45. I doubt it will last the 30 years my last B&D did I've been very pleased.

by arlene 03 Jun 2015

I own Rowenta and wouldn't own anything else. Had for years and love it. Makes ironing fast.

jrob by jrob 03 Jun 2015

Ditto, I'm on my second one in about 15 years. I love them.

laffma1 by laffma1 edited 03 Jun 2015

Yep. That's the brand I have now and need to replace. I like the price Karen spoke of so I will have to check out what Home Depot has to offer.

by 02kar Moderator 03 Jun 2015

I have a cheap Rowenta irons with all the features lbrow mentioned. I think I bought it about 10 years ago from Home Depot for about $40. It has been through several moves, been knocked off the ironing board (by me) several dozen times and is still working. I think that you need to list what features you like and then start shopping for the iron of your dreams.

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laffma1 by laffma1 edited 03 Jun 2015

Thanks Karen. I do have a Rowenta now (the one that is leaking). But it does not have all those fancy feature that lbrow mentioned. I guess it has been a very long time since I had to replace an iron. Lots of new things to consider now.

by lbrow 03 Jun 2015

In my 76 yes I believe I have had 1 of every brand made. I've been ironing since before there was a "steam iron" I do like one with a stainless steel sole plate with lots of holes ,you get more steam that way. One that shuts down if you leave it on. I like a retractable and a long cord. I also like an iron that has some weight to it . A self cleaning iron is great ,so I can use any water in it. I have had many that leaked One of these was a Rowenta,1 of the most expensive I've ever had. Currently I have a Sharp that came to me free when I purchased a vacuum. It has been used several yrs now with no problems and hubby has knocked it off the. Ironing board several times with his wheel chair it has with stood that and still has no problems. There's very expensive and some not so out there.Hope I've given you a little food for thought. You can pay a lot or not yet still get a good one. I'm sure their will be lots of brands thrown at you. Take your pick. Hugs/Lillian. . I grew up when everything was ironed,there was no such thing as permanent press lol.

jrob by jrob 03 Jun 2015

I'm so happy not to have sheets to iron!,,,

laffma1 by laffma1 03 Jun 2015

Yes, we used to press sheets as well. Smelled so fresh if you hung them to dry outside.

laffma1 by laffma1 03 Jun 2015

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll have to check out all those features you mentioned. I would like to have that retractable cord!

lbrow by lbrow 03 Jun 2015

Yeah sheets, dish towels ,everything was ironed. Starch was cooked,clothes had to be sprinkled down with water after they were starched, they were so stiff they would stand alone.