by glynnis 03 Jun 2015

I know its not sewing, but I've just finished my first pair of "Knitted Knockers" :-) for breast cancer ladies that have had a mastectomy. A friend had a mastectomy and the prosthesis was very uncomfortable, sweaty and expensive - If only I had known about this when she was still alive. I hope these will be a blessing. If you want to know more you can go to the Knitted Knockers website -


by lucy1234 04 Jun 2015

Great idea and would be welcome, soft and would fit well, I would imagine.

by aussiequilter 04 Jun 2015

what a fantastic idea well done

by vickiannette 03 Jun 2015

fantastic idea.

by Leaha 03 Jun 2015

You are a real angel to find, make and post these and this link. I'm sure everyone who receives the pairs truly feel blessed. Thanks for sharing.

by babash 03 Jun 2015

Great idea. I had a call from a woman who's husband worked with me years ago. She asked if I could make her some false boobs to put into her bra. She had a mastectomy 30 years ago and was having shoulder problems and the ones she had were just too heavy. I weighed them and it was about 500 grams each. Anyway I thought well why not have a go. Made a test run with some interlock fabric and stuffed it with pillow filling. Then placed it into the bra and put it on my dressmakers dummy on the back. This way I had a flat chest to work with. One of the problems she had with some rubber inserts was that even though they were light enough they would go in and not pop back out after driving with the seat belt. This way I could poke the boobies and make sure they stayed out.
When she came to see the test run she was thrilled at the fit and the size was just right and looked natural. It was triangle and I just rounded the top a bit. Best part is they are fully washable.

by pennyhal2 03 Jun 2015

I can see how useful these would be. I'd guess they might make them in different sizes. I'd probably need to practice a little. Fabulous idea. Thanks for posting.

by blueeyedblonde 03 Jun 2015

good job on these and giving others an idea that they never thought of!

by sewdeb 03 Jun 2015

Thanks for sharing the link!

by rsloan 03 Jun 2015


by peafarm 03 Jun 2015

I am a mastectomy/cancer survivor since 1991---wished this was around then. Thank you for the site. Don't knit but might try crochet verson. Nice to wear around the house even after all these years just for comfort. Thank you for this listing.

by noah 03 Jun 2015

Thanks for helping those in need be blessed hugs

by sonjapotgieter 03 Jun 2015

Awesome idea and Great work you`ve done

by dragonflyer 03 Jun 2015

Wow...I have not heard of this before...what a great idea! Thank you for sharing such an inspirational gift!

by arlene 03 Jun 2015

Great job. What a wonderful thing you are doing.

by 02kar Moderator 03 Jun 2015

I had not heard of these before. Great job and thanks for sharing.

by Alkestis 03 Jun 2015


by pennifold 03 Jun 2015

Well done Glynnis, they have turned out great. Another great item for Breast cancer sufferers. Love Chris

by airyfairy 03 Jun 2015

They look quite the part. Great job

by greysewist Moderator 03 Jun 2015

Wow, who'd have thought! Looks like a great idea, though and these look really neat. Well done!

by cfidl 03 Jun 2015

They look the part! Well done!

by mops Moderator 03 Jun 2015

Nice work. Did you do the increases not only at the beginning of each needle but in the middle as well, in alternate rows? The one on the KK site looks more triangular than yours. I think I like yours better.