by anssmile 24 May 2015


Dear Cuties, I need your prayers again!

Just a thank you to all who prayed for me in my new job. Last week went very well (especially due to your prayers!), they said they will now appoint me with the normal 3 month's probation period.

However, we have not discussed a salary yet. Please pray for me that they match or better the salary I asked for, because then I can finally stop merely surviving but actually have a little spare money to pay for embroidery memberships and other little things that makes life easier to live. (like buying fruit regularly)

The day after I asked for your prayers went extremely well, and for the first time I actually believed I would be able to do the job. The other days went fine. So thank you! I do believe in the miracle of prayers.

I have found ways to cope with my non-existent short term memory - I write EVERYTHING down. And I am coping with my bad hearing by letting everyone spel their names for me. (I am working on a switchboard)

Luckily we work on precision, so it is not a problem for the company.

Please pray for a nice salary for me, and please continue to pray that my eyesight improves. My data capturing is still too slow due to my eyesight. I have memorised where the fields are which speeded the capturing, but to improbve my speed now, I need improved eyesight.

All my other tasks went well - greeting the customers, printing documents, copying and scanning documents, etc.

My prayers are with all of you who needs it.



by pldc 26 May 2015

Anneleise, I know & pray that God will provide for you. You are doing really well coping with your day to day challenges. ~hugs~

by grossfamilie 26 May 2015

Anneliese, wishing you all the best with all my heart. You really deserve fair payment for good work. You need to have enough money to at least buy you fruits and vegetables for a healthy body and especially your eyes need vitamins and minerals. Therefore, I really hope the best for you - Hugs and Love Maria

by susiesembroidery 25 May 2015

May you find that God will carry you through all your difficulties, Anneliese. I pray for you and hope that you will soon have peace of mind and the extra money that you need and deserve. XOXOXO.

by noah 25 May 2015

Praying lots for you hugs

by cfidl 25 May 2015

God Bless you Anneliese in all your efforts!

by dragonflyer 25 May 2015

You bet, Anneliese...fingers crossed, too, that all continues to go your way...

by 02kar Moderator 25 May 2015

You are added to my prayers. Let us know how well you do.

by lbrow 25 May 2015

Anneliese,I too know and have experienced the power of prayer. I will continue to lift you up.Our God is awesome!! I pray for strength for you,His help for you and His will for your life to be done. Much love to you/Lillian

by zoefzoef 25 May 2015

Anneliese, I'll keep on praying for you and hope everything turns out right, or even better. It is great to feel the strength and love of this group getting to you. You know that we are there for you. Take care xxx

by aleene 24 May 2015

Anneliese, I pray that God Gives you 20-20 eyesight, and the money that you asked for or more. In Jesus name ! AMEN.