by petdenhan 23 May 2015

Hi please could somebody help me with opening designs....I have brought PE design 7 and I have embird on my computer and when ever I open a design with open or open as and choose PE7 which is PES the design is also PES it says unexpected file format do I make PE7 my default programme to open these designs...I am pulling out my hair ...please could somebody help me ...thanks Denise


by arisann 05 Oct 2015

Hi, I do not know, it will be interesting to find out. I hope someone can figure it out,

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petdenhan by petdenhan 20 Oct 2015

no not yet still battling I haven't been very well so have brain freeze....trying to do cross stitch now but not getting anywhere with that either ...sob sob sob

by asterixsew Moderator 26 May 2015

Hi I am adding my reply here so you see it. I have recently dl 20 -30 different fonts to my laptop to specifically use in with my PE design. I am pleased with the results as I only need to type out the word I want into the programme to turn it into embroidery. maybe you need another laptop one for PE design and one for Embird. I cant be of any help as I usually use my own fonts. The biggest thing about all of these design packages is that they take time to master and I know that I don't put in the time. Personally it would be great to have a session with someone who is highly knowledgeable on PE des that I can ask all the questions that I have. Ah well one day. Good Luck and keep us informed as to how you are progressing

petdenhan by petdenhan 26 May 2015

hi thank you very much I do think I must put embird onto my lap top I will try that...xx

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 27 May 2015

Having PE and Embird on the same computer should not be a problem...I have PENext, Embird, TrueSizer and Janome MBX on my computer and all work well...

by petdenhan 26 May 2015

hi thanks guys ...still not sure whats happening as Im jumping from one programme to another...I cant add a ready made font either I have to insert each letter separately but with embird you just type and it does it ....aaagh im not sure what to do ...rescuer....I think I have messed up the computer ...thanks everybody for trying to help me ....I will just push on and hopefully it should come right...thanks Denise

by stock 24 May 2015

I have pedes6, can you go into DEsign data base open the design folder, left click, go into change format, might, I cannot use pe7 designs on pe6, but i have to change them in wilcom or data 7hope I am some help,...wendy

by dragonflyer 23 May 2015

Hi Denise...I don't have PE7 but I do have PENext (or Palette 9) which are the same you have the reader box connected when you select this and is the PE program open when you do this? I also have Embird Basic and the Iconizer...and that is my preferred choice to "open" .Pes designs to look...It doesn't require a dongle or reader box to function...and I can utilize Embird on all my computers without any dongle or reader box...I am not sure about PE7, but with PE Next (Palette 9) it won't do anything without the reader box attached...I am not sure what you are trying to do with these designs, but my selected program to just open, look at and do edits to is actually Embird Basic with Iconizer...I guess I need more information on what you are actually looking to do...

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petdenhan by petdenhan 16 Jun 2015

sorry just seen this reply...yes my reader box is attached and if I open a PES design through my computer and my PE 7 is closed that is when I get the error....and it is set to save as or open as PES ....its just very confusing...thanks

by asterixsew Moderator 23 May 2015

I cant help with your problem but I am curious as if you have Embird that you have bought PE design? What are the advantages/disadvantages? Thanks Caroline

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petdenhan by petdenhan 26 May 2015

Hi Caroline I have always had PElite as I have a brother sewing machine and I wanted to upgrade so that I could digitise as they are really expensive I brought the basic Embird programme so I could digitise ...and then I was offered the PE7 really cheap so was really excited but I find embird has more functions I can use when you want to import ready made fonts you have to insert each letter but with embird you down load the font and just type not really sure what I am doing...I hope I get it wright soon as Im jumping from one programme to the other ....thanks Denise

by rescuer Moderator 23 May 2015

Denise I don't know which operating system you have -- but if you click the Start button (or search in Windows 8) and type "file association" in the box that appears, you can find in the list that shows up the place to change the program that opens the file. Scroll down to the PES file type and choose the program from there. It should offer to let you choose the actual program instead of a part of the program to always open that file type.
You could also choose "open with" if you right click a file. That should bring up the file association for that particular file type.

Don't change other file types while changing the one -- you could really mess up your computer...