by anssmile 17 May 2015

Dear Cuties

Please, I need all your prayers. I am too slow at my current job because of my eyesight problems.

In order for me to keep it, it must work much faster. They will evaluate me throughout this week and let me know on Friday if I have the job or not.

PLEASE pray for me that I can work quick enough to keep the job! And please pray for me that my eyeside becomes better!

My hours are still long because I currently do not have my own transport and has to wait till 8pm for someone to pick me up, but at least I do not work weekends and I can stop working at 5pm.

It seems as if I only write to you when I need prayers, but I do read the Community section regularly and I pray for whoever needs prayers. You are all a part of my life.

Thinking of you all

Best Regards


by anssmile 18 May 2015

Thank you all for your prayers - I am a great believer in having people pray for me!

Years ago the doctor told me they might have to abort my baby at 7 months - I had lots of serious X-Rays taken and other procedures without knowing I was 3 or 4 months pregnant. I phoned EVERYBODY I knew and asked them to pray for my baby - and God gave me a wonderful very talented and gifted little boy.

I have a lot of miracles happen in my life because of prayer - I prayed for more than 6 years to get pregnant, and God gave me a wonderful little boy. When I tried to get a brother or sister for him, the doctor told the factory was closed - everything was already shrivelled up. My baby must literally have been one of my very last egg cells!

And lots of other things!

So if you really need something, pray, and don't give up, even if you have to pray for years!

Hugs to all you wonderful Cuties.

by dailylaundry 17 May 2015

Anneliese, you are in my thoughts and my prayers!! Hugs to you, Laura*

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anssmile by anssmile 18 May 2015

Thank you very much! Hugs

by susiesembroidery 17 May 2015

I pray for you, Anneliese and hope for the best.

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anssmile by anssmile 18 May 2015

Thank you very much!

by twee 17 May 2015

I pray that the company will be kind to you. If you can't work fast enough to qualify I pray they will find another job that will pay equally well and suit your needs and that will allow you to keep working. I pray that Heavenly Father will provide you with what you need at this time. Hugs

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anssmile by anssmile 18 May 2015

Thank you very much! Hugs

by zoefzoef 17 May 2015

Anneliese, I will pray for you for the best outcome. It is so hard when you try the best at work, and yet they would say it is not enough. Believe in yourself; give the best you can I'm sure they will notice that.

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anssmile by anssmile 18 May 2015

Hi, I take more than an hour to do what the other lady is doing in 20 minutes... So I have to find a way to work faster... Thank you for your prayers!

by lbrow 17 May 2015

Anneliese, Prayers for you even now. . I want thnigs to be better for you and safer. God's blessings on both you and your son/Lillian

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anssmile by anssmile 18 May 2015


So far God has protected me so I feel safe in His arms. I just try not to be stupid and look for trouble, like walking in deserted areas in the dark.

Thank you very much for your prayers!

by dragonflyer 17 May 2015

Oh, Anneliese...I so hope things work out for you...both with your job and your eyesight sounds daunting that you must wait so long for someone to pick you up and take you home everyday...and your trip by public transit sounds even more challenging...I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that all will work out and get better for you...

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anssmile by anssmile 18 May 2015

Thank you very much!

by ansienaude 17 May 2015

He always hear our cries for help and support us in a dark moment in our life He will be there for you because he knows your needs

lbrow by lbrow 17 May 2015


anssmile by anssmile 18 May 2015

He has helped me throughout my life, but I think I still depended to much on my own strength to get things done, so He taught me through my illness that actually you can get nothing done without Him.

I especially depended on my mental abilities, so He took that away in total to teach me to TOTALLY depend on Him and Him alone. And then he gave me back most of my mental abilities, but not all.

Without Him I would not have survived. Thank you for your inspirational words.

by pennifold 17 May 2015

Dear Anneliese, I do hope things will be on the improve soon. Having to wait till 8.00 till someone collects you seems excessively long. Can't you catch public transport from your work premises to your home or get your son to collect you? I pray that things will settle with your eyes too so that you can work faster. Love Chris

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anssmile by anssmile 17 May 2015

Hi Chris

Public transport means 2 different busses and after that 2 small public minibuses (public taxis) and then a walk of about 1km... It will be dark by the time I have to catch the first taxi, and not safe. You stand on the side of the road and show with handsigns where you want to go, and hope the taxi is not full, and sees you and stop...

I am not comfortable catching these taxis in the dark, nor having the 1km walk in the dark. It is through a piece of veldt, and then along a faily deserted road - not safe at all!

As soon as we know I have the job, my son will buy me a scooter. We do not want to spend the money without me having the job.

Thanks for your concern!