by radmom 13 May 2015

I made a couple gifts for my MIL for Mother's Day. The cup mug rug idea came from Embroidery Library's projects. I must admit I got the idea for the birthday and anniversary calendar from one of the groups on Secrets Of. There are a total of 35 flowers, but I didn't know the dates for some people, and there are three new babies coming late this summer. I left three flowers blank. My MIL can fill in the relevant info later.


by basketkase 17 May 2015

These are wonderful gifts, I especially love the anniversary garden!!

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radmom by radmom 18 May 2015

My MIL has 4 children and spouses, 9 grandchildren and 3 spouses, and by the end of summer will have 6 great grandchildren. I thought this would be a great decorative idea for her to keep all those birthdays and anniversaries remembered!

by radmom 17 May 2015

My MIL called me and told me she loved this gift! She was trying to decide where to hang it!

by cfidl 16 May 2015

Cue idea and excellent color and stitching!

by lidiad 16 May 2015

That's great, love it!
Hugs, Lidia

by teun 16 May 2015

Sieht ganz toll aus

by pennifold 14 May 2015

This looks wonderful. Love Chris

by Leaha 13 May 2015

Wonderful projects and so very clever. Thanks for sharing.

by kezza2sew 13 May 2015

love your work and sharing ideas is a great way for us all to learn new things. all very pretty, especially the cuppa holder

by shuede 13 May 2015

Pretty! It looks like a knockoff of Louisa Meyer Original's new design.

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radmom by radmom 14 May 2015

That's where I got the idea. I created my own. My MIL loves hummingbirds! I should go and thank Louisa Meyer for inspiration even though I didn't purchase her set!

by lbrow 13 May 2015

Great work and just know you made MIL happy with what you had done for her

by noah 13 May 2015

Looks very beautiful she loved it i bet???hugs

by 02kar Moderator 13 May 2015

I think you have made the perfect gift. Both gifts look so pretty and what a wonderful way for her to always see her family members any time she wants. It's a beautiful way to list birthdays.

by pldc 13 May 2015

What a very clever idea! This is a lovely gift & I'm sure she loved it!~hugs~

by sonjapotgieter 13 May 2015

So Gorgeous!!!Well done,great work.....

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radmom by radmom 13 May 2015

Thank you!

by crafter2243 Moderator 13 May 2015

That is such a great idea. Good job of stitching. I am sure she loved it.

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radmom by radmom 13 May 2015

Thank you! She hasn't seen it yet, as it's in the mail to her down in FL.

by blueeyedblonde 13 May 2015

great job! never would have thought of a birthday calendar like this!

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radmom by radmom 13 May 2015

I never would have either. There was an interesting flower freebie on Secrets Of so I clicked on it. It went to Louisa Meyer Originals, and the freebie was from a set of Birthday Calendars.

by sahara 13 May 2015

What a lovely idea for a birthday calender! The cup mug rug is great too. Love it.

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radmom by radmom 13 May 2015

Thank you!