by tonilee 10 May 2015

my baby lock elagante is ill and I'm afraid that it could be the board so I was looking at the brother 770 as a back up machine, I need the 5 by 7 and a 4 by 4 sewing surface, I don't need all the bells and whistles just a machine that is a good machine does anyone owe this machine or should I look for a different machine? any words of wisdom are appreciated hope all of you are having a nice mothers day and for the guys your day is coming hugs all around Toni lee


by pcteddyb 11 May 2015

I have the 780D too - it was my first machine. Lots of folks have good luck with the 770 - but you may want to consider the 780 so you can get it from a dealer with support, etc.

by Patricia109 11 May 2015

I have the Brother 780D which is almost the same but with the Disney designs on it. I love my machine to death. And the Brother designs stitch up nicely.
The 770 wasn't available in Australia when I bought mine. Otherwise I would have bought it.

by bevintex 10 May 2015

I have it and the Husqvarna 600 e but I find myself using the pe 770 almost daily. You will need the card and reader to get your designs to the machine. Or a memory stick.

by KCowden 10 May 2015

Love mine!!!

by anangel 10 May 2015

Toni, I think the Brother brand has good reason to have an outstanding reputation. My old Brother PC8500 I began machine embroidery is still humming along stitching beautifully with only cleaning and little maintenance done myself after all these years. I now have a fifteen needle machine, but still love my old Brother. Check out the new, used, and gently loved machines from They have very reasonable prices and good customer service, located in Alabama. They have been in business for many years, and now have online sales, too. I am not affiliated, just a satisfied customer.
One can purchase an embroidery machine only much cheaper than a combo machine. My old Brother machine is a combo and I have rarely used it for anything, but embroidering. Had I known that I would have bought an embroidery only machine to begin with. One can purchase a great sewing machine rather inexpensively.
Happy mother's Day to you!
Hugs, Angel

anangel by anangel 10 May 2015

I, not what I typed above!! Sorry!

tonilee by tonilee 10 May 2015

thank you the information I'll go have a look

arlene by arlene 12 May 2015

do check out Ken's. I bought my Disney machine from him and have all my Brother embroidery machines serviced by him. Great dealer