by gitteh 08 May 2015

Hi. I really need your help! 27 years ago I sewed a christening robe for my son. It had blue 'petticoat' (is that the word?) and also the hat was blue inside. My next child was (is) a girl so to use the same dress, I provided pink parts in stead of the blue. Later on, my sisters grandchildren has used the dress as well (each time I changed to blue for the boys and pink for the girls). And here is where I need you: I would like to embroider all the names and date of baptism - somewhere. The fabric is not suitable for embroidery - I think. Do I use a separate piece of fabric or what? Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you :)


by cfidl 11 May 2015

You have made a wonderful heirloom set. I like the heart label idea.

by pennifold 10 May 2015

On my family's Baptism dress I embroidered the children's names along the bottom of the petticoat as it was cotton. I like the idea of the heart and the bag. Whatever you do I'm sure it will be treasured for ever. Love Chris

by clawton 10 May 2015


by Sewmum1 10 May 2015

This is so beautiful. I love the idea of the pink or blue petticoat underneath.

I have our family Christening dress in a fabric and lace envelope style bag but I love the idea of a suit bag as you can fit so many names and dates on there.

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gitteh by gitteh edited 10 May 2015

Thank you :) Yes, the suit bag is a very good idea - but also the hearts and the other suggestions are very nice and creative. I'm so grateful for every answer posted. It's very hard to choose,
Would you like to add a picture of your 'lace anvelope s

by babash 08 May 2015

The top fabric is Broderie anglaise so I wouldn't embroider on it. I would either put the names on the underskirts or make a suit bag cover (like the one you use for storage) and embroider them on that. Starting at the top with the first and work your way down leaving room for future family members.

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gitteh by gitteh 09 May 2015

Right! A suit bag cover with all the names etc. is a great idea! Right now I just use an ordinary garment bag, but a dress like this call for a special cover. Thank you sew much :)

by dragonflyer 08 May 2015

Lovely...perhaps an embroidered label (perhaps a heart) made like an applique to go on the blue or pink lining under the eyelet...for each could be embroidered and hand appliqued to the inside or outside of the pink or blue layer...minimal size with name, date, place...then blind stitched onto the pink or blue layer...placed along the hem of the colored lining....this could be use for several generations to come, too.

gitteh by gitteh 09 May 2015

You are sew talented! Thank you very much. The idea of adding a heart with names is very cute. I may work on that :)

airyfairy by airyfairy 11 May 2015

I would also go the label way. I think Kim's ideas are lovely

by dordonc 08 May 2015

very nice, you could put the names on sort of delicate tag and sew it inside, love the idea of a ribbon you could tie in the front somewhere...

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gitteh by gitteh 09 May 2015

oh yes! Kind of a ribbon sewed along the back seam, wide enough to have the space for names etc. After all the dress is not used for more than a couple of hours, so it doesn't have to be 'practic' :) Thank you sew much!

by topcat5 08 May 2015

Such a sweet Christening gown. It is eyelet fabric so that the petticoat is visible through the little openings -- correct? If you believe the petticoat fabric is fragile, would a fusible polymesh stabilizer strengthen it without harming it (you would have to use a hot iron to fuse it)? If you think you could stitch on the fabric, perhaps if you hooped 2 layers of water-soluble stabilizer and laid the petticoat on top, that would work; then it would have to be rinsed out very well. Also, I would suggest that the alphabet not be too thick if the fabric is fragile. It would be a lovely family heirloom to have everyone's name and baptismal date on the petticoats. If these suggestions are not suitable for the petticoat, I would consider making 2 pillows with the eyelet covering like the Christening gown and then a pink and a blue slip-on coat (I forget what it's called) where the fabric is stronger and you can embroider the information on those. Good luck.

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gitteh by gitteh 09 May 2015

Thank you sew much! I think your idea about the pillow is great! Maybe I can find a solution that fits both girls and boys :)

by Patricia109 08 May 2015

Can you embroider the girls names on the pink petticoat and the boys on the blue?

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gitteh by gitteh 09 May 2015

I might end up doing that, but honestly I would like a solution where all names are 'in line' - so that you can see them in order of date. Thank you for taking your time to answer!

by sandralane 08 May 2015

Just a suggestion, why not make another petticoat, of embroidale light material. In pink and in blue and embroider all the names , dates. and perhaps some treasured little sayings or designs for each child that has used this special gown. It could be slipped in side the original petticoat when being used on these special occassions. A lot of work I know but will be treasured for generations to come. Good luck with this it looks to be a lovely gown. Sandra

sandralane by sandralane 08 May 2015

Forgot to say it could also be embroidered on the coloued ribbon it looks to be quite lengthy. Sandra

crafter2243 by crafter2243 08 May 2015

When I looked at it I also thought the ribbon would be a good place.

gitteh by gitteh 09 May 2015

Thank you. Sayings and/or designs is a very good idea, and I think I can spend all the time I need - it's a never ending project :)