by mysew1325 04 May 2015

These are the boxes that I have varnished and are ready for gifts.. most designs are from Urban Threads... they have about 6 coats of varnish.. it is spray so it goes on lightly and I sand between coats.. the dragon flys are done with metalic threads.. I have about 5 more different ones to be done.. so fun


by pennyhal2 05 May 2015

I like the way you varnised them. It gives them a nice shiny finish. You used a nice assortment of designs too. Well done!

by connerj 05 May 2015

What a nice collection you have made up. Who would have guessed that that was done on an embroidery machine. We are such a lucky bunch of people to have embroidery machines that can go where our imagination takes us. :)

by gerryvb 05 May 2015

oh oh realy love these, have to try it once too I think....

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gerryvb by gerryvb 05 May 2015

the butterfly and the cat are my favorites!

by queenofhearts 05 May 2015

They are all nice but the butterfly is my favorite too. I picked up some wood today but I have no idea what I should choose for the design. I got my wood at Ace Hardware, in their hobby dept. Hobby shops would be another place to look.

by tfk 05 May 2015

Beautiful! I wish to try this too but will need to order the wood first....any suggestions cuties?? Where I can get the best deal?
The butterfly one is my favourite :) well done!

by pennifold 04 May 2015

They are all gorgeous, but I bags the Italian one! Bellissimo! Amore Chris

by noah 04 May 2015

Love every one of them hugs

by CraftySharon 04 May 2015

they look beautiful, well done.

by dordonc 04 May 2015

looks beautiful.....

by shirley124 04 May 2015

Well done.

by pldc 04 May 2015

a lovely collection, ~hugs~

by joann1 04 May 2015

great job. Have my wood ordered. Hope mine turn as good as your. they are really beautiful. hugs joann

by laffma1 04 May 2015

What a terrific collection. These look great, and anyone who receives one as a gift should be thoroughly impressed. Well done.

by bevintex 04 May 2015

they look great. almost like a painting

by asterixsew Moderator 04 May 2015

These are stunning, I just love them

by dragonflyer 04 May 2015

Beautiful job...I need to try this!

by babash 04 May 2015